Table Swing!

SOO!! Along with most women these days I have been a Pinterest addict for quite some time now…EEK:) But today my husband wow-ed our kids and myself with his own pinterest-y thing.. A table swing!

(now i have seen this on pinterest but he has not!!) After looking for the right materials (flat sheets x2 per swing) he was off……

Swing #1

Swing #1

Since “brother” has been feeling yucky all day.. we figured he would consume this swing (AND which we were SOO right) So Good ol’ superman made yet another swing…..

swing #2

swing #2

And well by this point we have 3 kids sooo why not add one more?!?!?!

Swing #3

Swing #3

Now please know our table is one of those ‘pub style’ height tables.. which makes it great for our 6 year old to even join in the fun!!

A few cute pictures of this fun activity that lasted for well over 1.5 hours

Our 3 babies!

Our 3 babies!



After almost 2 hours we had to clean it up for dinner.. (our oldest fell asleep in the swing..) ID say this might happen again! Soo easy and SOO much fun for our kiddo’s!!

THANK YOU Hubby & Pinterest!!


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