todays realization…

today was great – overall- .. the day as a whole can be looked on as a good day. Busy, crazy and at times ugly… but id go back and say July 7th was a nice day.

But some of the moments in this day.. have been hard. very hard. for example. Lydia screaming the moment we began leaving swimming practice … and continued ALL (did i mention ALL) the way home. Yes that was hard. a very hard LONG many moments.

I ended up taking a mommy time out to regroup… in which my true SuperMan laughed with the kids and gave them each a snack of pears and apples. While i sat alone in our room.. sulking. Why!?! Cause i get tired. Tired of day in day out wipeing booties, picking up dropped food, making dinner, snack, (breakfast and lunch), planning outings, ect..

I get tired.

But just as God always does.. He reels me in.. in to his safe place…

As i am reading bedtime stories to the girls this ends up being the bible story. (Matthew 19:13-14)

As it is read in their children bible:

The children ran to Jesus and the deciples said “go away Jesus is tired”

But Jesus said “let the children come to be so all people can have faith as a little child”.

This Slapped me in the face. Yes we get tried and frustrated.. But children are Gods blessings… they show us Gods pure love every day. I as a Christ believer, I desire to be more like him. I must love them like Christ, even when i am tired i must bring them close and pray, and point them to Him.

I am challenged. Greatly Challenged. I likely will fail tomorrow but I know now this is my goal.

Love them when i am tired. Show and teach them when i am tired. Be Jesus with skin on.

playing tea party...even though i am tired!

playing tea party…even though i am tired!