First Day of School..

Yes it is a month over-due.. but better late than never right?!:)
Here are our first day pictures *yes they were actually take the day of..its getting it on here that took the time:)

Levi is in 2nd grade

He will be using:
Math- Horizons
Phonics – Horizons
Spelling – Horizons
Handwriting – Horizons
*yes we like them!
Science- Answers in Genesis
History/Bible – Mystery of History
Outside learning: Farm Fusion!!

Judah will be in pre-k 4

He will be doing
Letter of the week *a free program
with the prek 4 supplements
Science- Answers in Genesis
History/Bible – Mystery of History

Selah will be in pre-k2 *whatever that is!!

Her learning involves a ton of hands on..flash-card and pom pom matching
and we are introducing Letter of the week (for her ABC’s)
And she has busy bags that keep her busy!!

I am so excited about this new school year. With all the fun adds we have done i Cant wait!


A year ALREADY?!

Today marks the end of the school year for us. Brother completed 1st grade and Taco K-3. I take first day of school pictures, so lets take a quick look back..






DSC04800Through the year we have had lots of up and downs.. a few “I WANT TO QUIT” moments {FROM mommy}. A lesson on being grateful they only have 1.5 hours of school and then play time. But then there are the moments I love, such as my oldest cuddling with me EVERY afternoon to read to me from his reader. Or my Judah who loves to do puzzles (all kinds) and show me his finished product, and then sister who brings ‘baby sassea’ to school EVERY day… Having them with me all the time is not always easy..

TRUST me we have quit school in mid day to go out to play due to attitudes being foul or mommy having a hard time with a little one. But I would not change one bit of this school year! I am excited and nervous about 2nd grade due to adding more subjects.. but I cant wait.. So grateful to be able to teach my children everyday!!! A few pictures from the year…

DSC04916 DSC04927 DSC04931 DSC05018 DSC05022

So as we close today I took a picture.. Our last day of 1st grade and K3…..

DSC06789 DSC06790

We used a mixture of curriculum this year..

1st grade:

Horizon Math & phonics

Weaver Bible & Science

Wrote my own Spelling & Calendar time


Letter Of the week program : A-Z

wrote my own calendar time

Bible weaver




“officially a homeschool mom”

A few days ago I had to get my oil changed.. LIKE i was WAY WAY over.. the light was one over:( So I decided “tomorrow” was the day. Since Superman could not do it for me or even stay with the kids (cause if i waited till then it MIGHT break down)… I gathered all that i would need to be at the car place for HOURS.. cause lets be real.. they don’t use clocks, and dont care about what we have planned. Snacks, blanket, daipers, change of clothes (potty training).. And school for my oldest 2. SO I loaded up the car with these and headed out for our morning adventure….


the moving school house

We arrived at dealership, and the process of oil change began… I laid out my blanket..(CAUSE the floor was GROSS!) And began passing out their activities..

prepared for the long hall...

prepared for the long hall…

sent the above pic to my hubby and his response.. “you are officially a homeschool mom”..

Not sure what i was before.. a circus conductor?  🙂

ONLY to be told .. moments later… “Mrs Kent, your car is finished!”

BUT IF I WASN’T PREPARED.. i would still be there:)






I have a friend.. and she had the wild crazy idea of getting our 9.5 kids together to color eggs.. Seems normal enough.. BUT NO.. we had to do it the OLD FASHION way..

I knew IT would be perfect, and so much fun. So after rescheduling (2) times we finally did it..TODAY! 🙂 good thing cause Easter is THIS weekend! She saw this article in a magazine

direction for the dying

direction for the dying

We armed our selfs with beets, purple cabbage, blue berries yellow onions, purple onions, turmeric (DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT WAS), spinach & parsley, TONS of pots, white vinegar and 9 (YES NINE) kids!





getting the kids involved with peeling, cutting and smashing

getting the kids involved with peeling, cutting and smashing


Then onto the stove to boil..

Then onto the stove to boil..

Each color had to be mixed with water and vinegar.. We let boil for a long time (we started talking so who really knows ..maybe an hour??) We did drop a few non boiled yet eggs into the pots those were brighter colored in the end.

While the pots were boiling the kids were playing!

While the pots were boiling the kids were playing!

pulling the eggs out and realizing they were so colorfully!

pulling the eggs out and realizing they were so colorfully!


Our finish product.. aren't they beautiful!?

Our finish product.. aren’t they beautiful!?

Our finish product.. aren't they beautiful!?

Our finish product.. aren’t they beautiful!?

So we were able to dye beautiful eggs, and teach a science lesson AND have fun!? Without any yucky additives:)

levi loved the yellow/brown ones, judah the light green, and mine was the pretty tealish blue/green!

SOO pretty and very fun!



April First day

I forgot what day it was until mid morning:(

watching our trees turn into mulch

watching our trees turn into mulch



enjoying our new living room arrangements


Liddy Love



impromptu park date



Yesterday was in the 30’s today i get burnt


Melts my heart



“just watching mom, just watching”



wore this to encourage a workout.. epic fail:?



so tiny



fave first day picture


Until next month

Love doing this and looking back over the months!





DIY birthday gift…

We were invited to a double birthday for two sweet sisters (5 & 3) … since we wanted to get them something separate but budget always get in the way.. we went with a DIY gift.. that we hope both mommy & Daughters will enjoy! Girls always enjoy crafts.. but who needs another coloring book?? This gift is more creative with a bit more work on my part but something that will keep them busy for hours (days if mom is lucky!!


First i went to walmart and got 3 matching pencil pouches ($0.97 each) & the supplies… I knew i wanted each girl to have thier own color due to ‘she has my bag ect’ 🙂

The first bag I created was a – Write a book – Bag.. This encourages them to become their own author..(I meant to get stickers but TOTALLY forgot:(

Write a book bag

Write a book bag

Included in this pouch was a ‘fancy pen’ and 2 note pads ($0.75 for pen, $0.10 for a pack of 4 notebooks).. and if you are better than me.. stickers (around $2.00). And then I included the directions for the activity..

~Write a Book~

In this bag you will find a notebook {or 2} and a fun pen! Use this bag to write your own story.. Become an author!! 

For the 2nd bag I created Fashion designer bag.


I found a templet online (thank you pinterest) for dress up dolls.. I printed them on cardstock and placed them in the bag with scissor and glue. (templet- free, glue stick $0.50, Scissors $1.00). This one also has fabric.. I pulled some from my stash to make it cost effient..


Then added these directions..

~Paper Doll Dress Up~

This bag includes all you will need to design clothes for the dolls and animals in this bag. Cut the fabric and then glue it on..

and you will have some really cute friends!!!

And the last bag was Silly Faces. 


 I picked 4 pictures of the girls with Their family and printed them (thank you facebook) and then Laminated them. This will allow them to drawl faces on the pictures and then wipe them to do it again… (Pictures- free, Lamination- free (we have a small personal one), dry erase markers- set of 4 $3.50. 

The directions included in this bag was..

~Silly faces~

Dry erase markers and laminated pictures are in this bag. You can draw silly faces on each picture..then wipe off and start again!!


Add cute ribbon and tag.. all done

Add cute ribbon and tag.. all done

Total cost for each gift was $8.10 (i split the dry erase markers between the girls).. Super cute and I think they will love it!!

What DYI gift have you done recently??




**feel free to copy and paste directions for personal use only:)