Decade #1

When we started on this journey 10 years ago.. we were two young (22 & 23 year olds) who knew we were meant to be together. love at first sight.. nope (well at least me for:) haha … But as I think about my last 10 years with the most amazing man it makes me UBER excited about the next 10 years (and the 10 years after that, and the 10 after that!!)

Like most couples we wanted to do a celebration of sorts to honor this day.. so we planned (at our 9th anniversary) a cruise just the two of us… well we were blessed with a #5, which is so much more sweeter than any boat!! So with plan B now being our plan A.. we scheduled the whole day off..(that means joel put it on his calendar .. for me it took 3 days to arrange sitters for all the kids..ha!)

The night before the big 5/7 we had NOT ONE THING PLANNED 😦

after some input from dear friends we ended up heading down to Macon and exploring the historical district… sooo much fun!


first up the Hay house… built in 1861 this 7 story house is mind blowing… we took a 45 minute tour and let me tell you AMAZING!!! We then were gonna check out the Cannonball house (but i decided i wanted to do the festival of homes at christmas instead:)


Then we drove around and found this ADORABLE resturate on the square.. its called Rookery… SOO SOO SOO yummy! (Hamburger for me and a club sandwich for joel). It was neat cause all the wood you see in this picture has writing from people who ate there before.. it was really an experience!

IMG_20150507_151812249_HDRSince we decided against the CannonBall house, we headed to the Mall…… it was sooo weird to not have to lug the stroller out… I barely remember 1 baby:)


Since Selah (baby #3) i have wanted to get my ears .. we did it:) haha! And because its OUR anniversary we had to do a dude thing!


Dinner was next and the most amazing gift.. I -wink wink- may have hinted a time or two i would love a ring so i could stack it with my wedding bands… Joel wasn’t a fan.. but i guess that is where Love comes in.:)

(it was a bit small it will go with my rings)

(it was a bit small it will go with my rings)


all put together!


Within the first year of our marriage my parents got divorced.. heartbreaking for me.. it shook me so bad. I doubted everything (even though i knew it was coming and wasn’t really surprised) around me.. Even the commitment we had made. One night i asked Joel if he would divorce me.. He simply looked at me and Said ‘i made a comment to God AND you. No your stuck with me for life.’ I will never forget those words and as i look at our last 10 years and anticipate our next 80 .. it makes me a little giddy!:)


(and our kids were well loved also! Thank you friends for stepping up and blessing us)


And she was here…..

Last weekend my Grandma came to visit.. with my uncle. She is only the 2nd person in my family that has had a chance to meet Asher.. so I was super excited to show him off! Plus spend time with this wonderful lady I get to call grandma!

Although we had tons of stuff planned we ended up hanging out most of the time she was here due to an ambulance ride and ER visit with levi. She was a great sport and helped and encouraged us!

Here is a brief photo journal of her weekend here with us…

IMG_20150425_151206037_HDR IMG_20150425_151639782_HDR IMG_20150425_152027404_HDR IMG_20150425_152955428 IMG_20150426_142921957_HDR IMG_20150426_164654358_HDR IMG_20150427_164600 IMG_20150427_163638807_HDR IMG_20150428_103217934 IMG_20150428_171743621_HDR IMG_20150428_171935533_HDR IMG_20150428_171959585_HDR IMG_20150428_172305933_HDR IMG_20150428_172658105We laughed, she froze, they played.. it was so fun! Cant wait until we get to go to her home and spend more time with her! (and mess her house up:)
love you