Tips on SeaWorld….

While on our vacation we always try to pick one park we will visit. Why one?!? Well there are 6 of us and currently 4 paying.. so that would be around $390 for us to ENTER a park.. EACH one. So we start talking about it WAY in advance and let the kids pick. This year SeaWorld was picked. Problem for us was that it is OFF disney property and we were not towing a car. SO we had to plan and get creative!

First thing.. We had to get tickets. We posted on Facebook and got the word out that we were wanting to go there and soon had tickets.. 4 for $90. **YALL that is the price of ONE!! Planning ahead and preparing helped us. – a friend of a friend works there and was able to get us discounted tickets.

After the big ticket item was over we had to get there.. we had a few options

  • taxi – we are a family of 6 with 4 in carseats.. this would have costed A LOT!
  • limo – uh yeah right
  • rent-a-car for like a 15 minute ride.. one way.. NOPE!
  • Lynx – city bus.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.24.54 PM

We choice the last option. We had read on different discussion boards that there was a lynx bus that was at the Disney transportation center #50. So we called our front desk..(they were NO help) so we looked up bus routes and found it to be true. Then the hunt of how to arrive there. We could take a disney bus there.. but that would take forever and mean we would have to transfer buses xxx times. So we got creative.

From Fort Wilderness Campground – Disney transportation center- SeaWorld

  1. arrive at marinas
  2. take the disney world boat
  3. get on the ferry that goes to the transportation center
  4. wait for the #50 lynx city bus

We left at 7:15 from our campsite and arrived at the transportation center in plenty of time for the 8:00 bus. Then we took the bus to SeaWorld. If you get motion sickness DONT ride in the back:( this may or may not have happened. Since it was so early there were limited stops and it was really a smiple ride. We arrived at 9:05 which is only 3 minutes pass our goal.

Tips for the park:

  1. you can take in coolers. I didn’t know and didn’t plan accordingly:( i had a few water bottles and a few snack ziploc baggies for the kids .. but i saw TONS of people with soft coolers filled with subway subs..*slightly jealous
  2. try and catch the dolphin show IT IS AMAZING!
  3. the kiddy area is great for under 8 kids.. a small roller coster and a few kiddy rides and a HUGE playground.
  4. there is a  small splash pad area.. we choose not to do this one.

NOW to find our way home…. We didn’t know that we had to catch the bus ON THE OTHER side of the road to head back to the disney transportation center. So we missed our first bus..(THAT was really frustrating) But we figured it out and ended up catching the next one 30 minutes later. This is what we looked like.. a sight uh!??! 🙂

selah sleeping, judah 'resting', levi playing with leaves, lydia straving:)

selah sleeping, judah ‘resting’, levi playing with leaves, lydia straving:)

But with only that minor hiccup we made it back to Disney! On the way home it was a bit more crowed *it was 6:30.

Cost was cheap.

As of Sept 2014 children under 8 are free and adults are $2.00. Not bad!!  🙂

Hope this helps someone who is traveling there:)



So we have been planing and preparing for months now..(like really MONTHS!) and last week we headed out on our 11 day vacation… we had planned 2 different stays, 1 theme park, a beach stay, and so many memories we could only dream!

First we had to set a date, and budget and decided what we were going! date: sept 11-22, Budget: 1500, stay: Jetty Park for 4 days & Fort Wilderness for 7.

Then became the concept of tenting with 4 littles ones 7 and under and me being pregnant (21 weeks along).. then tenting didn’t sound so fabulous:/ God always put those in your path at the right time. As we were toying with the idea Joels grandparents offered their RV for us to use.. HOLY MOLY! YES!!!!


It is perfect!! And although it took a minute to figure out how to pack it we did.. And after arranging how the kids were gonna sleep and where food for 11 days was going to be stored..(we didn’t tow a car) we were off… for our 7 hour adventure. We left thursday at around 7:00, ran by subway and ate on the way…


We broke our normal routine of no movies.. and ended up laying the table down into a bed and laid the 3 older ones there for the main part of the trip with a movie playing! By 9 they were wore out and feel asleep. Joel and i lasted until midnight and had to pull off and sleep in a rest area. I had a meal plan and had cereal ready for a quick and easy breakfast so we could get back on the road. By 11:00 we arrive in Cocoa beach! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We set up and ventured out.


How do we bike ride with 4 kids?!?! Well Levi can ride without training wheels so he rides solo, Selah rode behind me in a carrier, and Judah and Lydia rode in the pull behind – kid carrier.. We borrowed it from a  friend.. HUGE life saver.

Stumbling blocks… first 2 days…

  • the refrigerator .. for a family our size we had to be strategically plan our cold stuff. first trip and then a mid week stop
    • we are all about lists. We planned the first 4 days at cocoa so only planned cold food for that. Then we headed to walmart for the rest on our way to Disney!
  • sleeping arrangements.. with a pack – n play we had to figure out where all was going to stay. *the top is not a bunk its a TV center
    • we laid down the table and placed the pack-n-play and selah on the table and then the boys on the pull out couch..


  • bathing kids in bath house -without a dry place to put them
    • this has been the hardest part, CAUSE you know i wasn’t gonna sit the girls down on the ground. What I have done is taken the double stroller, in the handicap stall and bathed Selah first.. then myself while Lydia sits in the stroller. Then I clean her and get all of us dressed. Its been hard cause I wanted to clean them both first but when i put Lydia on me i was still sandy. So this works the best! SOO grateful for my double stroller!!!

There has been so many wonderful things. Like using the shower in the RV for the dirty laundry, and on the hanging bar I have a large outside trash bag *we go through a lot of trash:) Having TV in the RV.. great for nights when the kids are asleep! AC… *REMEMBER i am very pregnant:) And the bathroom 1 step away at night:)

Cant wait to share the rest of our trip with you! I am going to try to post every couple of days with tips:)

hope you enjoy!