Sometimes it just happens.. you know life.. home, kids, hubby, friends, work, church, ..Life. We see a puzzle box and we know the ending picture (CAUSE DUH its on the cover of the box) but when the puzzle is our life.. we don’t get to ‘see’ it. Instead we view it from our lens of ‘yesterday’. Yes we goal, dream and plan..(which is biblical) but


it just happens. And there is no other reason to assume any different. A few days ago we announced we are adding to our family, #5 will come in late December or early January.. (SOO excited!) But the moment i found out (which mind you was about 8 weeks along) I began investigation nursing while pregnant because our sweet #4 was only 5 months (AND yes fully nursing every 3 hours–proof you can get pregnant!:) . I began pumping like a mad woman and determine to nurse. She began screaming when she was ‘done’ eating and became generally not a happy baby. My gut said ‘she is hungry’

My life was simple.. if baby cries pull out the good old shawl and nurse her ANYWHERE …. this has been my life for 4 kids now..

the shawl, the toes, the nursing tanks

the shawl, the toes, the nursing tanks

With # 5 growing and making his/her appearance my milk is going.. YES I know there are things to do ..but frankly I am ok with it. (well sort of)! Where the


comes in is here. With our 3rd baby WE tired 100 bottles and nipples all kinds of methods to get her to take a bottle. Poor girl had spirit and refused.. so for a whole year sister got to hang with me. NO LEAVING. I believe one time she almost passed out with Joel, she was screaming SOO hard. But with #4 ..

she took it. smiled and took the bottle with my milk in it. looked at me and loving said.. its ok mom.

SOMETIMES.. we forget God, he gots it.. he sees the puzzle.. HE knew #3 didn’t NEED to take the bottle.. yes it would have been nice but no REAL need. He made a way for #4. He loves Lydia so much he prepared her to take it with ease. Also giving me no doubt that #5 is HIS will!.

SOMETIMES.. i forget ‘his plans are for good’ FOR ME… This baby and all my other littles are God’s, he has intrusted them to us for a short time.. BUT they are still HIS.

Thank you Lord for paving a way, when although i planned to nurse for a year, you knew what we needed and provided. You love me more than I can ever imagine. So grateful to have you as my Savior.

I got a feeling this #5 is gonna teach me a WHOLE lot about my Savior and myself!:)

Let the journey begin!

salt life….

tan, beach, sand, ocean, ron jons, sheet metal, gardens, perfect lawn, saturday newspaper, folgers coffee, skate boarding, cartwheel with one hand, history shows, Native Floridian /orlandoian, occasional artist, Disney lover, father of 6, pops to 4. 

All these describe the man i lived with for 22 years… One of my favorite memories is after a long day working in the yard, trimming the BIG hedge, he said.. “jess wanna ride our bikes to the gas station and get a slurpee”? YES!!!!!!!! So just him and i went on a bike ride up the road to get a drink!

Although there are many things i can say about my Dad.. one i think that sticks out the most …is he worked HARD for our family! HE loved us and showed in his dedication to providing for us. Yearly Trips to disney and multiple weekends at the beach.. we learned so much about outdoor life from him.

Thank you for fixing all things that were broken and giving us children a understand of what we may want in a a husband/ father of our children.

Love you Dad!!!

Happy Fathers day!:)



At disney when i was about 3

At disney when i was about 3

when i was about 14

when i was about 14



all grown up….

Our little Chickadee just hit 6 months.. MAN does it fly… We felt it was time to start a few solids for her…


her 6 month update

her 6 month updated

I was given a box of rice so we started that monday.. SHE was a fan…:) Poor girl was HANGREY (yes spelled like big sis says it:)


big brother had to get in on the action

big brother had to get in on the action

girlfriend wanted MORE:)

girlfriend wanted MORE:)

For the first time in FOREVER she slept from 10-5:00 I WAS on cloud 9! (to bad it was a one night deal!) But starting today we are doing cereal for breakfast and dinner:) hoping for a better night:)

Our little #4 is growing up SOOOO fast!

Just a day…

Today was unusual… the kind of unusual I’d love to stick around..  As we woke and sent daddy off to work I realized he left his phone.. NO this can’t happen.. what if He needed it.. what if I NEEDED him to have it?!?! {Come on lets be real we know it was just as much for him as me} SO I loaded all the kids up ..mind you it is only 8:00 and headed towards his work.. all the while scanning oncoming traffic to make sure he didn’t come home looking for it.

Success.. phone delivered. Then back home.. NOW mind you Lydia {chickadee} is still not sleeping through the night and as of late has decided to wake up like EVER.SINGLE. 3 hours.. So i was slap wore out.. plus i was flying solo this weekend so i was POOPED! I needed a nap..but it was only 9:30 .. so we made lemonade out of lemons.. The kids and I played a game and then went on a walk, eat lunch and then took naps {YES ME TOO!} The boys woke early and stay in their rooms quite for TWO {2} hours!!! Playing lego’s and reading. The girls slept till 3! Made dinner and then headed to Judah’s dive camp.

Now i realize this seems dumb for an entire post but for me.. as i was getting all the littles in their pi’s and having them cozie down for the night.. I was able to capture the day in one picture….

all ready for bed!:)

all ready for bed!:)

NO one got in trouble, no one hurt another sibling, no one screamed, or argued with me… Everyone work together, played happy, enjoyed each other, smiled, laughter.. Today was a great day.. a glimpse of GRACE..

Love my children, love my life, Love my Savior!