Dating the littles….

A few months backed Joel and I decided that it was important for me to ‘date’ each of our children before our newest little arrives in Jan. For many reasons we went this route..

  1. for the next MANY months i will be toting an infant (who will likely be nursing)
  2. they need to having special one-on-one with mom
  3. seeing me non-stressed doing fun things with just them.. I mean who doesn’t want that?!
  4. giving them quality time..something we ALL crave no matter the age..

We originally planned to do the 3 older ones one right after another.. then we got sick and life happened.. so it ended up being a few weeks between each one.. BUT finally Sunday Judah and I completed the dates.

First up was Levi… as with all our dates we let the child pick what to do and then we talk about¬†it… It is pretty much free rain on food but the activity is normally free or relatively cheap.. So Levi choose



Freddys for dinner and Toysrus to look for a gift to bring to baby brother when he comes to visit..(isn’t this the sweetest thing EVER!?!)

we found this adorable brown patting-ton bear with a  green hat .. it was soo cute and HE was so proud!

we found this adorable brown patting-ton bear with a green hat .. it was soo cute and HE was so proud!

Then Selah and I went on a modified date.. I had errands to run and she wanted to join .. so we combined it as her date:)

a bit of rain calls for poke a dot rain boots DUH! :)

a bit of rain calls for poke a dot rain boots DUH! ūüôā

pizza at sams:)

pizza at sams:)

Judah ended up being last due to the yuckies that arrived the night he and I were to go out … He wanted to go the arcade (at walmart… we really don’t get out much:) then Crackle¬†barrel to eat…

I taught him how to play the game.. something i was shocked he didn't know who to do..but i guess when we go we are busy with all the eating we never showed him.. he did really good!

I taught him how to play the game.. something i was shocked he didn’t know who to do..but i guess when we go we are busy with all the eating we never showed him.. he did really good!

Then Fruitty Tutti for dessert!

Then Fruitty Tutti for dessert!

These are some of my favorite times with my kids.. spending time chatting and doing things they love is so much fun. it cost maybe $20 a date but a lifetime of memories.. Judah kept saying.. this is my favorite night mom.. i love date nights. Selah now thinks anytime we are alone in the car together its a date. Showing my kids they are special and IMPORTANT to me and getting into their head is something i want to grow… setting time away now when they are little and making it a priority will only allow us their¬†parents to speak into thier life when they are older because we have set up traditions and time for us to ‘hang out or chat!” love this journey with my littles!:)

SOOO do you date or do something special with your kids??


mary poppins, cfa, my girl

About a month ago I was told by a sweet friend her daughters were having their ballet recital at the end of May.. and the theme was Mary Poppins. I knew at that moment my Selah and I were going on a date! Her first, my first with her! Superman and I like to date our children. We let them choice the event, food and its just us two (expect if there is a nursing wee one) for the entire evening.

Every day since May 2 the moment I walked in her room in the morning, she would say.. “ballet day”. She as sooo excited! She picked our her ‘twirl’ which consist¬†of a very large purple tutu and a big purple flower. This morning at our playdate she proudly stated today was our date and she was going to see the ballet and the girls twirl with Mary Poppins.

5:15 came and we were ready to go….On our first date!

dressed and ready to go!

dressed and ready to go!

Off to Chick Fila, her favorite and pick for our special night. She was able to order and get anything she wanted….

Kids meal, nuggets, fruit, and Lemonade (huge special treat!!).

IMG_20140529_173512_399Poor girl couldn’t even eat her meal she was so excited, blueberries and strawberries were eaten… all else came home. After a quick clean up we loaded up in the van and headed out to the MAIN event.

my girl and her twirl

my girl and her twirl

As we were driving she talked the whole way (something that doesn’t happen when her older brothers are in the van).. one of my favorite quotes of the night.. ‘mom is that car in front of us going to the ballet?” Love her sweet mind and her excitement.. seeing her joy fills my heart!.

in true mary poppins fashion

in true mary poppins fashion

Once we arrived {there was standing room only} ¬†We grabbed a seat and she stood on my lap THE ENTIRE TIME.. and we were able to ENJOY every minute of our sweet friends as they danced to the different favorites of Mary Poppins… Both of the sweet girls we knew did amazing and we are so proud of them.

her view!

her view!

As it came to an end.. she said {multiple times} see again see again.. uh- full heart! I asked if we could take a picture with ‘Mary Poppins’ OH MY WORD her smile was sooooo huge…..

my sweet girls hero.. not princess but mary poppins

my sweet girls hero.. not princess but mary poppins

on our way home we got a special treat.. she ate 3 bits…


As we were driving home she said “mom i love you to the stars and round it’.. Yes baby i love you too.. I do believe my ‘bucket’ is full to the brim sweet girl. Seeing your excitement and joy over a simple¬†night out. Not only was it amazing and perfect {in every way} you are too my sweet girl! Thank you for this special memory and I pray for MANY more! love you baby girl!



Brother’s Christmas Wish!

Brother meeting Lego Man

Brother meeting Lego Man

Once upon a time, in a land far away,
Lived a young strapping lad, who really loved to play.
He liked his fast cars and his costumes that changed
him into anything that he could imagine that day.
One day he received a box full of bricks
that could stack and lock and sealed with a click,
He started by making all things that could go,
But soon he made castles with these bricks from LEGO.
Now, LEGOs are not easy, they are no small task
Just ask his dear mother, who dreads him to ask,
But this young Lad could build, with the greatest of ease
even while sick or with a case of the sneeze.
He dreamed of a land so distant and remote
that was filled with these bricks, just the thought made him float,
One day his wish granted, he received LEGO land Tickets
he was so overjoyed that he’d go there for Christmas.
The day had arrived that he dreamed of so clear
through the gate he went in, while his family stood near
Riding rides, Shooting lasers, Building towers so many
He built race cars and won all the races he raced in.
He saved a princess & dragon eggs, and watched 4D movies,
while wearing cool shades that made him look groovy.
He could not believe that the day was all over,
he played LEGOs all day and could play them some more,
But home he went with a smile on his face
having felt so lucky to have visited this place
Now on lives the legend of this famed LEGO kid,
who played LEGOs for hours and did what he did
all those who know him, know he’s a smart guy
with such talent and skill, they call him LEVI.
Love Dad
The amazing day captured in pictures!

The amazing day captured in pictures!

First Date with Mommy!

Month after Month our middle Son “taco” has seen Brother gear up for a date with mommy or daddy.. this month (he will be 3 next month) we decided he was ready for some good one on one time.. So we told him it was his turn.. PURE joy came across his face..priceless really! We told him it was his turn to go out with mommy.. As we talked about it he told me he wanted ‘hotdogs’ and ‘moothy’ (smoothies) and ‘’ (toyrus) .. Easy enough right?!?! Soo off began our Mommy/Son first ever date..

2013-01-11_18.19.28 2013-01-11_19.06.26

This was special for me because he is just really merging out of the baby into little boy and i often miss those adorable little moments.. because of life.. When we go on these dates it makes me STOP and focus on them and all God created..

*My Favorite part was watching him eat and how excited he was over being able to dip his french fries in both mustard and ketchup.. His naturally quiet self opened right up and talked the entire night! It was soo sweet! I learned more about him than i do in a month..

This date only costed me $3.50 for dinner (i didnt eat) $7.00 smoothies, =$10.50 TOTALLY worth every penny.. (and yes we walked around Toyrus and didn’t purchase anything.. my kids know we don’t buy toys just because, they are used to looking and not walking away with eveyrthing..)

I challenge you to date one of your children this month.. trust me you will not regret it!


Dating my Son…

Each month My husband and I goal for one date night.. kid-free.. we hire our amazing sitter and hit the town..(or target, publix you know boring but HEY we are together right:) As we made this a priority in our lives we noticed our oldest getting werid and upset.. (he was 3).. we decided that just like we want alone time with each other our kids crave that also.. SOO thus began the tradition of dating our kiddo’s.

We have done it many different ways but what works for us is each parent gets every other month with any and all children ¬†3 & over. That child gets to pick and plan the date – although sometimes we have a surprise date also. But we like to encourage them to pick something they love and want to share with us.. ¬†And to see them grow.. A few months back I took “brother” out and as we were planning it he said lets go to “El Charro” .. why i asked.. “Cause mommy its your favorite place and i want to eat with you”.. HONORED!!!!!!!! (to say the least!) So we went and he was thrilled to see me loving every bite!

Last week my husband suggested i take the first month of the year this year.. SOO Brother and I made a plan and (very important) stuck with it. Logan’s to eat then the book store for hot chocolate and reading…


*My favorite part: as we were getting into the car he walked over and opened the door..”to honor you mommy” and as soon as it was openned he hopped right in..:) his heart was soo pure i loved it!

SOO much fun! I loved being able to focus on just him.. and let him know how much he means to me.. it makes me appreciate him THAT much more!