Let the little children come to me…..

This past weekend we dedicated our little #5. Asher Quinn. Since Joels dad is a pastor  we have decided to make it a quite family blessing in our backyard. We are beyond honored to have many generations present to pray over our Little one.

2.5 years ago (when i was pregnant with Lydia) I was told i was going to have a full hysterectomy due to some physical complications.  God saw fit to heal my body allowing me to deliver her naturally and then in 3 short months become pregnant with Asher.

God wanted him here.

As we gave him back to God yesterday this came flooding back. the Child we didn’t know about but God did. The child that he was storing in heaven to send down. Our son. Our wanted and loved #5. His story (like the others) has its own shape and emotions. Never doubt God purpose for your life, Asher!!




What if….

Lately I have been asked a bunch..”hows Lydia adjusting to Asher?’ the simple answer is ‘she is doing fine.’ Our family is large..(according to todays standards.) We had 5 children in 7 years, one right after another. Why do we have so many children? Is it healthy for us? Do we make enough money? You will regret it… the comments could go on and on. But as of this past week, as I look around my little brood of humans.. I see something.. something different. baby #5

What if.

Yes I long to hold my little baby after 9 long months, Yes I love they way they smell, Yes watching them grow makes me giddy. But is that why we have them? Maybe. But what if that #2, #5, #9th child isn’t about you at all?

What if … its for them. The other humans (littles) in your home?
So the questions HOW is lydia… here are a few snap shots of the last 8 weeks.


Lydia pulled the wipe pkg out and stood on it could she could not see ‘aaa’


asking to hold him for the first time.

























































Our family is a reflection of love that grows.. grows within my heart as a mother but in the hearts of our other children. Our boys often say.. “when God blesses us with another baby..” Having each one is directly in part to the Fact God wanted the current kent kids to have another sibling. As I see Lydia (who’s first word is “aaaa’ -the simple sound of Aa) and her delight and excitment each morning when she runs room to room hollering “aaaaa” in search of her friend. Her brother. No where in her is jealously or hurt feelings.

Then I see today where Judah and Levi both took special time with her because they wanted to… loving on her showing her she is special.

IMG_20150325_173922 IMG_20150327_111112804_HDROne doing spelling while holding and gently talking to her, the other sharing a snack together.

What if she was born for them..

IMG_20150306_093324910_HDRWhat if my large family has nothing to do with me or superman but all to do with THEM…

them needing each other

them wanting each other

God loving them enough.

What if its NOTHING about us.. but all about God’s plan?

What if?!?!




The nook….

We live in a modest home of about 1,700.. a normal 3 bed 2 bath kinda home.. When we found out we were being blessed with a #5.. we had to put on our thinking caps to figure out will little one will reside … We have the older two (boys) sharing a room and the younger two (girls) sharing.. and the girls room is full… 2 beds and a dresser and toys..(we have no play room).

I wanted to transform this space….

Master closet...

Master closet…

Into a baby retreat!!

Joel was less than thrilled with the idea.. so much that it wasn’t until the 9th month that it was transformed! 🙂

The nook is 4.5 ft wide by 8.5 ft long. Windowless, but has a vent to keep it the same tempiture as the rest of the house. We had a few stumbling blocks with arranging decor..the crib was 1/5 inch to long to go along the back of the room, thus no dresser would fit.. but in the end I love it!


First up.. painting the yellowish builder grade paint to a creamy grey… bright and cheery and clean looking! AND you know the siblings had to get in on the action of painting.. and daddy was a good sport and walked it though it!

So with no further a due… her is out sweet # 5’s little nook… A walk in closet turned nursery!

IMG_20150202_170948518Although Small, A large impact..right!??! As you can see I continue with the theme from through out the pregnancy .. ARROW:) 90% of what i used came from my shower… and i love how it ties in!

the beautiful handmade blanket from my dear friends momnlaw. And the arrow-Asher one is the special one I purchased for him.

the beautiful handmade blanket from my dear friends momnlaw. And the arrow-Asher one is the special one I purchased for him. Changing pad I rigged.. (it is a bummer pad from another set, covered in a pillow case with a sheet protector covering that so it would be water proof! (and it fits on the book shelve perfectly!!)

The super cute arrow/named stamped blanket was purchased off etsy.. super great company!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/Katandstiina?page=1 click that sentence for a direct link!

although i am not 100% finished with this wall.. we are almost there! feathers on stick (stick was found by big brothers) feathers were made from paint chips!

although i am not 100% finished with this wall.. we are almost there! feathers on stick (stick was found by big brothers) feathers were made from paint chips! Prints were found on pintrest for free

a quiver full of arrows

a quiver full of arrows

One of my favorite decor pieces.. this is all the arrows made at my baby shower... by all my dearest friends!! I saw on pinterest a similar concept with flowers, showed Joel and boom! He came in the house with this beauty! love it!!!

IMG_20150202_170651931SOO i need to replace the picture frame but in time right!?!? 🙂

So in short this is our little Asher Quinns nursery! I love it! so a recap…


hope you love it as much as we do!






Meeting Baby Brother..

For weeks now the kids have prayed, anticipated and even {daily} looking out the window each morning to see if ‘daddys car was gone that would mean brother was here.” Finally Saturday they were able to see us off and wait for the call 🙂 Once brother arrived the kids -and Nonna- hurried to the hospital to meet him!

ready to meet brother!

ready to meet brother!

I made the shirts tutorial here….

first glimpse of Asher

first glimpse of Asher

first was the attempt to get a group family picture… yep a bit more challenging than we expected… due to me not being able to hold any of the kids and being bed ridden…

attempt 1

attempt 1

attempt 501.. keeper

attempt 501.. keeper


They were beyond thrilled! It was neat this time since they each understood it this go around. seeing their smiles and desire to hold Asher over and over was so heart warming!


my two babies.. Lydia 13 months old.. Asher 4 hours old


thank you aunt staci for the awesome FSU hat!


Each baby has gotten gifts for the siblings.... here is what Asher brought for the others.. (according the selah 'he did good')

Each baby has gotten gifts for the siblings…. here is what Asher brought for the others.. (according the selah ‘he did good’)

Well that is a peek (in pictures) of our family welcoming Baby Asher Quinn into our arms and heart!!








Our Gummy Bear has arrived!

Asher Quinn

Blessed- Abundantly  {with} Number 5

            Our little number 5’s birth story is not what we envisioned nor what we hoped, but we serve a God that is bigger than our hopes and dreams!

On Saturday morning at 5:00am I had a contraction.. got up went to the bathroom and realized today would be our little guys birthday. Upon going back to bed it got worse and within 20 minutes I had showered and woken Joel up. At 6:15 we headed out the door with contractions 7-10 minutes apart. Arriving at the hospital we were set up and ready for the adventure. By 9:00 they were 3-5 minutes apart with the urge to push. All was going great.

So grateful for a dear friend and her support during my delivery!

So grateful for a dear friend and her support during my delivery!

Nothing was stumbling our plan for a 4th VBAC. Then suddenly at around 11, Little man’s heart rate dipped between the 90’s – 110. This concerned the Doctor but not enough to stop VBAC-ing. After I dilated to a 9.5 and was being urged to push, things didn’t feel right. His heart rate was not raising and had been low to long. So the Doctor suggested we get an epidural to ease my pain some, and also monitor baby’s heart rate a little better. During the process of placing the epidural I had this gut feeling something was ‘not right’. I wasn’t sure what, but something was not right. I kept saying it over and over. The doctors and nurses were trying to figure out what that meant since I was having a hard time explaining it. But I just knew something ‘wasn’t right’. Someone mentioned a c-section. And if you know me and how I have fought to have a VBAC for 4 babies and to go natural this is huge.

By this point I had a few options…baby would take the easy road of the epidural and come right out, or that his heart rate would never rise and I would have to do a c-section…. Since I felt it was more than the heart rate (but never really sure what why or what)… I looked over at Joel –who was sitting on the couch really nervous looking- I ended up jumping out of bed and saying I think we need to do a c-section. I electively chose to do one. Something I never thought I would do. So calmly they prepped me, all the while I was crying hoping I made the right choice. Joel reassured me that I had…many, many, many times.

IMG_20150124_125653823 IMG_1440

Suited up and sent to the OR….. with an amazing team of nurses, midwifes, students, and doctors ready for the arrival of our #5. Within minutes my support arrived and he held my hand and prayed the whole time. As soon as I was opened up the doctored stated.. “Jessica you were right with your gut feeling.. the cord is wrapped sooo tightly around his neck.” Lots of pulling shaking and even use of the vacuum, our little big guy arrived.

IMG_1442 IMG_1443

At 1:16pm on January 24th our 8 lbs 7 oz & 21 inches long baby boy entered the world!! After a quick look and picture he was whisked away and I was taken to recovery. My temperature was too low (92 degrees). After what seemed like hours (but really was only a few minutes) we were taken to a room and I got to hold and nurse our boy!! Love at first sight!


Later I found out from the doctor that the cord was soo tight it could have been bad. They only see situations like that (so tight) about 2 times a year. So it was a blessing that I went with my gut. Again just proof we serve a God who loves us enough to speak even though we don’t know the outcome or the reason OR if it’s in our plan. As I look back over the last few days, I have a huge peace about everything that happened.. Not my will Lord but yours be done!

Welcome to our family sweet Asher (blessed abundantly) Quinn (number 5)!!

seeing my #5 for the first time!

seeing our #5 for the first time!

will post soon pictures of the kids meeting Asher… it was soo fun!


an arrow of love:)

Well our newest bundle is pending arrival..(meaning we are still waiting for him to make an appearance!!) SO I thought I would share some do-it your self projects I worked on while waiting!

I saw this shirt.. (click on shirt for the etsy store that sells them)

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.18.12 PM


AND knew my older children HAD to have them to wear to the hospital when new brother comes… BUT then the $$ tag hit me.. $20 a shirt.. and i needed 5 (FIVE) of them.. yeah not happening!! Whats a mother to do when you *MUST* have the shirt but the budget doesn’t allow!??! DIY!!!!

I think the hardest part was finding shirts that I liked enough to buy 4 of.. Walmart came to the rescue!

Then to design the shirts..


I have a Silhoutte Cameo *which I love* and used that to design the shirts… IMG_20141117_161509_373

After I designed it and cut it I had to CAREFULLY pull the negative off *IN ONE PIECE* it took me a try or two the first go around.. Then i painted the shirt (i had a piece of cardboard in-between the front and back of the shirt to avoid bleeding. I used a foam brush to dab the paint on… it worked great!



Then I blew dried it.. really cause I was impatient! IMG_20141117_221014_013

Pulled the negative up and WHAM! This shirt!!!!


each shirt was $4.00, onesie was in a pack of 4.. paint $0.50, vinyl free, $16.00 total!!!

Ill take it!! over the the $100 I would have spent!:)

NOW to get them all in it and take a great picture!! Love my growing brew of babies!

have you done any DIY projects lately!?!