Let the little children come to me…..

This past weekend we dedicated our little #5. Asher Quinn. Since Joels dad is a pastor  we have decided to make it a quite family blessing in our backyard. We are beyond honored to have many generations present to pray over our Little one.

2.5 years ago (when i was pregnant with Lydia) I was told i was going to have a full hysterectomy due to some physical complications.  God saw fit to heal my body allowing me to deliver her naturally and then in 3 short months become pregnant with Asher.

God wanted him here.

As we gave him back to God yesterday this came flooding back. the Child we didn’t know about but God did. The child that he was storing in heaven to send down. Our son. Our wanted and loved #5. His story (like the others) has its own shape and emotions. Never doubt God purpose for your life, Asher!!