Our soccer hero!

Our little Taco (Judah) turned 4 this year and when they are four we have allowed them to play a sport. Levi did when he was 4 and had so much fun! Judah has been looking forward to it for years.. Well this year was his year! We signed him up got his uniform and made the weekly trek to the field every tuesday night for practice and every Saturday for games.. Today was his last game, in which he made a goal (always good to end on a good note) and had his team party.

Here is a recap in pictures and captions of our sweet soccer boy!

making our weekly family trip for practice!

making our weekly family trip for practice!

He had no idea what he was doing so the first few games we did a lot of ball chasing!! BUT at least he looked cute doing it!

IMG_20140906_104539_381 ResizedImage_1410019266627

About two games ago Judah suddenly realized that if he ran towards the goal when the other team had the ball he could block it. (yes it might have been 10 games in BUT hey he did it on his own:) AND he actually blocked quite a few! Proud moment for both judah and us!

working on his new skill- goalie!

working on his new skill- goalie!

As I mentioned today was the last game. His team was named team sharp..(that was the coaches last name) These boys played wither is was HOT (in which it was) or FREEZING (which many times it was) and WINDY!! These boys never complained and just played their little hearts out!


such a cute group of boys! all 4 & 5 year olds!

After the game (and Judahs goal!!) they received trophies and got cupcakes!

Our Judah ben!

Our Judah ben!

His weekly fan club!!

IMG_20141115_114944_388 Not sure if Soccer will be on his agenda next year but with a little training i think he could do a great job! Not to mention Selah will be turning 4 and will be joining the tradition .. although lucky for us she wants to do an indoor sport.. ballet!




An arrow of Love

Tonight was amazing! Most of my dearest friends were able to come out and love on our sweet #5. I have been dreaming and scheming all things arrow for his little nursery nook..reveal coming;) And when I walked into the shower it was perfect!!!


The beautiful decor!

The beautiful decor!

Why arrows?? As soon as we found out we were expecting #5 God gave me the verse Psalms 127:4.. and arrows kinda stuck.. We even used it for our reveal – God know it was a boy because arrows would have been a bit crazy for a girl:) Anyways… I have read and study this verse.. and with #4 only being 3.5 months old when we got pregnant with this blessing.. this verse gave me peace and excitement!!

OK back to the party!!! One of the activities was to make arrows for our decor.. this was so fun and they turned out SO CUTE!

Making arrows

Making arrows



Aren't they beautiful!

Aren’t they beautiful!

Our little boy is so blessed with such cute things!

although this sign is perfect for our family!

although this sign is perfect for our family!

These ladies and a few others who were unable to make it.. make my village (coined by another friend) so blessed to call these ladies at anytime and walk live with them!


A special guest.. My sister!!

A special guest.. My sister!!

These two worked so hard to make my arrow shower a success! Love them so much!

These two worked so hard to make my arrow shower a success! Love them so much!

thank you to my dear friends for their love and support as we welcome our sweet #5!!

PS I am 30 weeks.. the count down has begun!!


life is short….

Wow.. this morning was a whirl wind of emotions… we started school with a bang.. like emotions full blow and all.. Oldest was crying cause he did math wrong and as i walked him through his error he lost it.. crying and going all snot face on me.. well we had to have a break from each other so i didn’t lose it.. then i get a text..

Now this text made me think. Then I put the last 6 months in my mind.. Lots has happened to those in our circle..

*one of Judah’s sweet friends was diagnosed with cancer… she is 4

*I had some rocky moments where i let my emotions run wild

*A friends husband found out his brain tumor was back

*My childhood pastor had an illness that could not be operated on

* and then today…. Friends of ours lost their bother, sister-n-law and niece.. IN ONE MINUTE.

Like in a blink of an eye… these things all changed our life.

As I was working with Levi and we were being all emotional.. I thought about a little girl who normally goes to clinic on Mondays to get cemo, and each family who wakes up with some sort of illness, and THEN this dear family who’s relatives were fine. All expect the plane landed wrong and that was it. Gone.

Life is short.. too short.. as moms we say this all the time.. but what does that mean?!? Does that mean we cant stress over the things that bother us, or complain? No it means we need to make it count. I sat down next to Levi and said.. why are you crying.. he said ’cause i don’t want to redo all this.’ I simply shared that his dear friend was mourning the loss of her uncle, aunt and cousin… that was worth crying and going all snot faced about.. his math on the other hand was not… He looked at me and simply said.. I love you mommy..


Our life/days are numbered.. not really what we want to hear but its true.. we only have x amount of time. Love on your littles, love your elders, love.. extend grace (EEK this one is for me). Who knows when something normal or everyday will cause it all to change.. JUST LIKE THAT.

*just my heart today:/




#3 spent in a Jolly sort of way!

**warning picture heavy!

Since April, our Little Selah has dreamed of nothing but Mary Poppins.. I mean like in a crazy sort of way. She loves every song (can sing most of them) and will tell anyone that Mary Poppins is her favorite princess…(NOPE i am not gonna correct her and tell her she is NOT a princess:)

When people would ask what she was gonna do for her birthday she would proudly say ‘a mary Poppins party’ Like duh doesn’t every 3 year old want that?!! (and its crazy cause Frozen wasn’t even on the radar .. sigh!) So for the past week we have been dreaming, planning, sewing, prepping all things ‘Superfragalistic”.

The door:) Nothing says Mary Poppins like a carpet bag and the Movie:) (yes its a DVD:) we love old school!

DSC07644Next up The birthday girls outfit!



during our trip to Disney in September she saw this Minnie Mary Poppins and HAD to have it:)

Then one of my favorite parts.. the decor!!!


“A spoonful of Sugar helps the medicine go down:)’



The carousal cake, and penguin

Now on to the games and crafts.. NOW we must remember the oldest child invited was 3.5 and the youngest was 2.5 so we had to get creative!! 🙂

"Lets go fly a kite".. I had precut kites and give them crayons and stickers!

“Lets go fly a kite”.. I had precut kites and give them crayons and stickers!


The Crew and their kites

The Crew and their kites

Remember when Mary Poppins stepped on the turtles? Well we had to also!:)

Single jump on the green shapes!

Single jump on the green shapes!

The next game surpired me and ended up being the kids favorite.. It was to balance a teacup on their head..(we didn’t have any plastic ones so I used these little cups..).. They ended up playing it multiple times each!!


even big brother had to get in on the fun!


This might be my favorite picture from her party!!

DSC07589 DSC07591 DSC07592 DSC07594Next up was cake!!!


OH my she is 3:)


since the party was small I had a small white cake (it is the top tier of a wedding cake meant for the 1 year anniversary) made and then I decorated it with frosted animal crackers and black and white straws:)

So very blessed by her friends.. lots of My little ponies, books, and pretend play!

So very blessed by her friends.. lots of My little ponies, books, and pretend play!

all her sweet friends, minus one who wanted to sit with mommy and one who was sick:(

all her sweet friends, minus one who wanted to sit with mommy and one who was sick:(

And before the party even started she INSISTED on having a picture with her daddy…

Daddy's first little girl... growing up WAY to quickly!

Daddy’s first little girl… growing up WAY to quickly!

Love my little Mary Poppins! I pray as she grows she will take the joy that she has and Become the Woman of God, he has planned for you to become!

Love you my sweet Selah girl!



So that is our long awaited Mary Poppins party!

Hope you enjoy the picture as much as we enjoyed the party…:)