35 minutes.

Days are so full. Mornings run into lunch which runs into dinner, then kisses and lights out. With a brew of kiddos, my days are extra full, everything times seven. We don’t really have the flexibility to have something derailed us. Whether it is noticing at 7:30am there is no Rice milk for your non dairy kids, or boy #3 doesn’t have clean underwear, (haha yes this has happened..more than once, haha oops) or one kiddo has a melt down. These are stressers for me, which put me in a ‘derailed’ frame of mind. The kids get edgy cause mommy is edgy.

Then the melting happens.

Amongst the crazy and the busy..and the derailing… I am working on being ‘on purpose’ with the 7 beautiful charges around me.

I was sharing with a amazing momma of two, who works full time, owns a business, serves in her church .. frankly just an all around wonderful person.. how life is busy and spending time with each kiddos is SO hard.

**don’t get me wrong we date our kids monthly .. but I’m talking the day to day times.

With such grace she said, “5 minute”. Where I quickly said “uh??” She then explained how she gives her boys each 5 minutes of uninterrupted mommy time. A walk, playing legos, reading a book, jumping on the trampoline, throwing the ball, a tea party.

Just you and them. Looking at them, holding them, talking to them, LISTENING.

She then laughed and said “you can do anything for 5 minutes”.. hahah which is true.. we tend to think… I have no time, where am I going to find 5 MORE minutes.. (well for me that is 35 minute..ACK). But lets get back to the whole point… we are raising adults, with thoughts, desires, hopes, dreams, loves.

To invest 5 minutes is saying.. you are worth it.

I have been Very successful at this SOMETIMES over the last 2 years of being aware of this million dollar pro-tip. Just the other day Joel said.. when was the last time you did one-on-one with each of them.. –insert tears- it had been a minute. But instead of throwing my hands up.. I grabbed my daughters hand and we had the most beautiful walk around our house chatting about all kinds of snacks and tea party goodies.. then it ended with “mom you’re the best mom ever”.


I walked in to find the next child with shoes on ready for his mommy time.

I challenge you no matter what your day looks like to take 5 minutes…

They need it.. BUT so do us mommies!!


Ephesians 5:15-16

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

Still learning: