First Day of OCTOBER

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 3.15.56 PM

Welcoming October and all things fun, fall and family!!

29 & 3 days with #4, waving bye to daddy, school- timeline of their life, cleaning, bible reading,

Aunt Heather came to visit, mommy’s current weakness-dounts, lots of fun outside time, homemade pizza for dinner and just plain old FUN!

DSC05170 DSC05176 DSC05179 DSC05184 DSC05187 DSC05188 DSC05194 DSC05195 DSC05196 DSC05198 DSC05207 DSC05210 DSC05214 DSC05217 DSC05218 DSC05220 DSC05221 DSC05225 DSC05227 DSC05229 DSC05230 Oct 2013



2 thoughts on “First Day of OCTOBER

    • Aww thank you so much! We are excited.. yes sometimes 3.5 under 6 can be a ‘fun’ day.. but we love it!:) This baby has put us through the test though so we know it was a God thing!! I do have to say at times it gets easier with more.. BUT then again i say that and we will have a challenging day!:) HAHA! Enjoy your little ones! All to soon they grow up!:)

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