turning the page


8 days ago today, we moved.

We packed everything we owned in a large 26 foot truck and took the 7 hour trek.

With the help of amazing friends we stuffed it full and had teary goodbyes. We were headed to Orlando. After 11 years of being away we were headed home.


God has taken us by the hand these last few months and showed us how to have great faith, and rely on him. When our timetable shifted and doubt began to creep in, he showed up, showed out and reminded us we were not forgotten.

We had been praying for answers for our life goals for about a year, asking, seeking, pleading with God for direction. Many opportunities came and were offered.. and prayed about. Then in early May one in Orlando came … with our pros and cons list in hand .. we said yes.

Never did I realize the affect it would have on me. I had made the sleepy town of Hampton my home. I had become a wife, mother, adult there. Friends were the ‘lifetime’ kind and ones that knew my story and i knew theirs. leaving was never a question. But God had different plans.

As one of my dear friends said.. ‘cant wait to see what god is doing in both of our next chapters.’

Saying Goodbye to so many sweet friends and saying hello to family and long life friends here has had me on an emotional rollercoaster.

This morning as I woke up to my devotion God reminded me that he is doing a work in my family. So Here we Go, looking for homes, starting a new job, being around family, all things that will unfold in our next chapters, BUT i am more than sure the first chapters will not go forgotten but will be brought up through out the journey.

“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver the other gold”

For curious minds, Joel was offered a job at Disney. And most know we adore the place already! So we ask you friends to pray with us, that we find the home meant for us and that the 2nd part of our family dreams will come true. A home with land in a sleepy town, to raise our family and fulfill a few more goals, all while being a regular at WDW 🙂


how we announced to our family and friends

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you.

Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.

psalms 143:8