As I sit thinking about how just like that all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas is coming to a close and so very quickly ending. How tomorrow we will begin taking down our 15 years of memories displayed via ornaments down off the most beautiful tree. How all the happy Christmas mail will be clipped together and packed away. The red and green farmhouse dishtowels are washed and now folded, to be packed into a tote and stored away.

How all of sudden its ending. But as I sat with my oldest daughter scrolling my photo gallery on my phone I see all the smiles, and laughter. Most around the tree which is seated right in the middle of our living-room.. and can be viewed throughout ½ our home.

How my 4 year old would wake at 6:30am and wonder to the couch after he turned on the tree ‘cause mommy I love looking at it.’ For our 9 year, old math was done quicker and with ease while laying on the floor under the tree. Not to mention the creative dancing was at its finest around the tree. In three short weeks ‘the tree’ became the center point of our home. All wanted to be around matter the reason. Each night Joel and I would sit on the couch and just stare at it. It brought a peace and familiarity that grounded us each day.

To some its just a tree. Or a tradition, that just happens each year. But this year I see hope. We weren’t able to do our normal ‘cut down aka run to home-depot’ and pick out a tree.. as life was zooming around us. But was given the blessing of this beauty from some dear friends.

Looking at all the different pictures depicts the most beautiful thing.

Love. Laughter. joy. hope.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Getting to be ourselves in all the unique ways we were created..because of the ONE who was placed in a manger (made from tree branches). Great love, joy, laughter was shown, that night. But it doesn’t end there. After the manger was long forgotten.. another tree was used to give us hope. The cross.


So this year. I am choosing to remember why its so hard to pack up this gift. Because for me.. My beautiful Christmas tree reminds me of Christ’s Love, Joy, Hope for me. My husband. My children. My life.

And I am so grateful.

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” –
2 Corinthians 9:15

~still learning