Menu Plan for April 28th-May 5

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This week is full of house guest! So I have to be on my ‘A’ game with our meals!:) And since it is our son’s 6th birthday and our 8th Anniversary there will be plenty of cake/cupcakes and all things yummy!!


  • lasagna soup -crockpot
  • homemade  Pizza (pepperoni & Black olives)
  • Subs -fruit, chip & cookies -going to Stone Mt!
  • Bruschetta Chicken W/mashed potato
  • Pesto zucchini & pasta
  • Chicken & camping potato’s -grilling out
  • El Charro’s -eating out one night!


  • Granola bars (special request from my Grandma!)
  • brownies
  • green smoothies
  • homemade pita chips


since we are really boring when it comes to this meal we always have the same

  • oatmeal w/oj
  • cereal w/oj

Soo that is our plan this week.. what is your meal plan???


our Pk & Kindergarten favorite chapter books

As I entered this adventure of read-a-louds with my children I  first had to figure out what it was and what it meant.. I read everywhere that is was crucial to my kids education (early education) but I didn’t know how I was gonna fit ‘MORE’ into our already packed day! Right now I have 3 children of my own and I keep 2 girls 4 days a week.. Ages 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. SOO my days are really busy.. HOW was I going to add reading aloud to them?

I goggled how mothers of large families did it and some suggested reading while the kids played … seems weird to me.. others suggested reading aloud while children were having lunch or at a meal time… I really wanted to institute this but didn’t know how or when..

FINALLY I realized after our day (of school) I always give a light snack so why not end school with us all cuddled up on the couch eating pretzels while reading a chapter book?? In theory it seemed to be great … it took practice!! NOW I am honored to say everyone of the children will sit and snack while cuddled on the couch listening to the story! We read one chapter a day..(unless they beg enough to read another!)

Some books we have loved…OUR all time favorite is

1)Mercy Watson series



*all our kids loved this boys, girls, big and little! I think this would be great for a starter book if you want to introduce chapters without scaring or boring the kids!

2.) Little House on the Prairie


We started with Farmer boy.. AMAZING! But now we are finishing our 4th book!

3.) Swiss Family Robinson (the classic)



There are more but those were and have been our favorite so far.. I normally have a family night when we finish the book to watch the movie.. Its amazing how much the children remember because they will compare the two .. ITS amazing!


Hope this was helpful:)

What is/are you families favorite read-a-louds??


Time for Time

Our oldest is in Kindergarten and with our math curriculum (WHICH we love!!!!!!!!) and We have been studying time for a few weeks now.. Although our Big Kindergartener has caught on -to the point of correcting us if we round up- I saw on Pinterest where someone took a whiteboard and taped a hool-a-hoop to it and then drew in the clock.. SO I thought.. HEY why not!!

I dont have a huge board or a Hool-a-Hoop BUT I do have the Ikea chalk/white board (that we took apart cause I HATE me some chalk board!) and a green training soccer thing ..(Yeah I don’t know what it was but I knew it would work!)  Just to spice things up we started with this activity (after calendar time and bible)

about to start the game!

about to start the game!

The Cards we used are from the $1.00 Spot at target a year ago.. (In Aug they normally have tons -TONS-  of great flash cards… my kids love them!)

ANYWAYS! I made up my own came.. For the kindergartener I would show him a card have him draw it on the clock and tell me what time it was.. I was surprised how much he loved it (after quiet time he asked to play it again.. so we did!)  We did a little round where I was the teacher and then he was the teacher.. it was great and a ton of learning and knowledge was reinforced.

I still had my 3 year old to entertain during this time.. (AND we all know we cant leave him out!) SO I gave him a dry ease marker also and would have him circle the numbers he knew.. 1-5 and as a challenge #6. He loved being able to write on the board and getting it right. *It was funny because I said circle # 1… and he said “look mom there are lots of #1’s.. I want the one with 2 ones!!” Technically he was right so i didn’t correct him!:)

I love bring new ways for learning.. have you done any new games with math or time?? Would love to hear them!

Monkey see Monkey do…

With 3 little ones I really wanted to make sure each child got the most out of our “school” time.. so in an effort to make my little 3 year old feel included and that school was important (cause REALLY he begs to do school) I had to come up with age appropriate activities that seemed like brothers..

As I was preparing this school year I put together calendar time folders.. (with a place for tracing their name, the month, the day ect..) I also included “_______of the day” such as color, state, sign, shape ect. At first Taco didn’t really do much other than take the try ease marker and scribble ALL over the pages.. but as time went on he began participating and wanting to answer the questions.. All on his own.. no pushing from me. Well yesterday I was waiting for them to finish tracing their name (or address for Brother) I took a closer look at Taco’s page.. He was soo serious and working soo hard to insure his marker stayed in/on the lines given…

Taco tracing his name soo intently

Taco tracing his name soo intently

As I sat there watching him write I was amazed.. just by following the example of his brother this JUST turned 3 little boy was writing his name.. We also just made up a song so he can spell it.. SOOO he knows how to spell his name now! Lets just say moments like these cause me to do the happy dance inside!!!

Children are sponges and they soak up whatever you are willing to give them.. in this case he has learned his name and how to trace it because he has seen it and was given the chance.. (PLEASE note this is a huge accomplishment our older son didn’t spell or write his name until he was almost 4-4.5.

Love watching their little minds open up!!

Old to New

I love Window Panes OLD ONE!!!!!!! I was hosting a Baby shower for a friend of mine this weekend and I just knew I wanted the Main decor to be something she could use in her home after the festivities were over.. SO I thought about a window with 3 clips to display her 3 little girls and a cute quote..  We have a local junk yard that ALWAYS has the coolest windows! (EXCEPT) when I need one!:/ OOH well a dear friend saved the day and had one stored away for ‘just a time as this’.



This is the raw window…old and yucky! After taking all the cobwebs and dusting it off.. I sanded it and began taping and prepping it for painting!


I LOVE spray paint.. SO armed with white spray paint and a very cloudy day (;( I did about 3 coats… Then 24 hours to dry. While it was drying I cut my vinyl to fit the window pane and get it ready to apply…


If you love the quote you can order it in my shop… Delight Designs  (the one shown above is a custom made one with the names instead of ‘two people’. After I took pictures of the Mom to be (again) little girls I hot glued 3 clips equally apart to attach the photo’s.

april 2013

What have you made with an old window pane????