Just turned 6 and has been dreaming of baseball.. NOW let me tell you.. he is not a strong ball player.. extreme sports YES but ball sports..not so much:/ SOO i thought why not sign him up for a week camp to see

DSC04551if he will like it.. I NEVER expected the quality or the learning about God or basketball my son would  receive!


Monday to Friday was full of

practice, small group, rally,

snack, laughter and fun!

The coaches and leaders in charge were very on top of things and from what I saw things ran sooo smoothly!


I am in no part part of Upward sports but I do know this group is something I will make sure to check out in the future for sports and camps.

My son did the basketball, they also had soccer & cheerleading camps.. (both basketball and soccer had girl camps also)

The neat part was at the end of the week they had a ‘show off’ kind of night. Each group showed their parents what they did and learned about all week. the whole family was invited to attend.









Each Child left with a ball, shirt and a water bottle.. for $35 IT was SOOO worth every bit.. not to mention Brother now thinks he can play league.. soo I guess we will be attempting it with this Fall/winter with Upward Basketball:)

Wish me luck!


For more information here is the link!


Menu Plan for July 10-17 (yes mid week:)

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 8.40.11 PM

Trying a lot of new things (click on the meal idea and it should take you to link) This mama is in a rut:(



since we are really boring when it comes to this meal we always have the same

  • oatmeal w/oj
  • cereal w/oj

soo that is our plan this week.. what is your meal plan???


Atlanta 2 Orlando

Back at the end of May I took my 3 kids (& 11 weeks pregnant with our 4th) and we went on a trip to Orlando.. and we DROVE..(did i say I TOOK-yep just me and them) CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂

It was a 12 day trip to see ALL my family.. soo for me it was worth the LONG drive down..(ONE amazing thing is my sisters came back with me so that wasn’t soo bad!!

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 12.32.11 PM

Ive been asked to write how we (I) made it down and stayed sane..haha!

First I did a lot of pinning “on Pinterest” and planned and thought about what would interest my kids during the road trip. Now i must be honest we do not have DVD’s or movie devices available for our kids on car trips .. no IPADS, IPODS, computers nothing.. So this is what some may say is a challenge..

First one will have to understand we don’t let our kids watch TV during the day or at night -ONCE a week we have a special movie night or game night other than that No TV for the Kent Kids… So not having it on a trip is nothing out of the norm for them…

I always leave (when i am by myself and driving) EARLY   in the morning like 5:00.

This gives me easy road time and at least 3 hours before they are begging for food.. AND that will have me VERY close to the Fl-GA line… There is a Crackle Barrel there and that is always my goal.. I do pack a Banana and water bottles so the kids don’t feel like i am starving them:)

I dont let any activities come out until after Breakfast…. This saves the activities for a real boring time not just excitement of doing them..

I fill a backpack with about 5 activities (doubled) and hand them back at certain times..Here is a picture of the activities

  • Tag readers (x2)
  • BRAND new coloring books and crayons (x3)
  • legos in metal totes with lids (x2)
  • small tote with cars & men (x1)
  • buzz game (x1)
  • doll (x1)
  • 3 busy bags….(x2)

I also pack snacks and goodies (special treats for them, that would normally not be allow).

Lunch at a rest stop

Lunch at a rest stop

Then we stop for Lunch.. I pack it so it gives them time to be loud, run and enjoy fresh air.. this also makes it easy on me.. AND will tired them out! I am blessed that the two little ones will still nap in the car (older one will also but not on this trip) so after lunch I institute quiet time and no playing allowed.. they zone out and that gives me about 2.5 hours…

To be honest the last 1 or so is SOO hard.. they are done I am done, all the goodies are done.. SOO that part is hold your breath time:)

I will next time do a book on cd.. my kids love those not sure why I haven’t thought about that yet?!?!?

Well as you see, nothing too exciting but this is what I did:)

Hope it helps someone!