Homeschooling was not on my radar..

..apparently thats a common thread when I speakto other homeschooling mamas. HAHA

14364812_10154600221824626_7610657923937945482_nI worked in the public schools (and an amazing system at that) so we just assumed that is where our kids would go. Fast forward when our oldest was 3, I had this nagging feeling to homeschool. I attended a conference ..but was still working, so this seemed like a far fetch dream. 1 year later, Joel and I agreed I should resign from my interpreting position and became a full time stay home momma. So in the fall of 2011 we began our journey with Kindergarten. We homeschool because we feel its what we are called to do during this stage in our lives.





“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;

    I will counsel you with my loving eye on you” Psalms 32:8

As believers we answer to God. So for this season we feel this is the path He has chosen for our family. Some days are beautiful. Some days bring me closer to God in a ‘I’m about to lose it’ kinda of way. But through the addition of 4 more babies, big moves, and sickness we have loved this experience. Getting to see those lightbulb moments in each of my children is pure joy for me.

I lean more in the Charlotte Mason method, but have a healthy mix of work books. We are apart of co-ops where they attend fun classes with other homeschool families during the week. As well as each child is able to participate in 1 sport a year.

I set goals for each of my children each year..its exciting to be able to check each one off, AND be able to see them accomplish such might things.

For now this is just part of who we are…. a family who learns daily together!

Our Homeschool Vision is:

To teach our children to trust in their God given abilities and gifts, while nurturing their love of learning with Scripture as our foudnation.


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