One year ago this month, God introduced to me to the word “rooted”. Without understanding the meaning.. I felt it calling me, I identified with it, I knew it was mine. As I fast forward one year I see how the Lord went ahead of me and prepared the way.. knowing I would need to cling to it to see me though. Throughout the last 12 months the word “rooted” has morphed into so many things.. with one truth that didn’t change…

Where are my ‘roots’.. when all is striped away.. where are my ‘roots’.. when my child is lying in a nicu bed and has stopped breathing.. where are my ‘roots’


When our life goals are pushing us to explore possibilities.. and life as we once knew it slowly begins to change..

Where are my ‘roots’. When door after door is opened for us, only to not have a peace to pursue. Then to be lead down one we question daily.


When for the first time in my life I am surround by people who love me, but feel completely alone, forgotten, sad, where are my ‘roots’.


This year has taught me.. I can not trust my own joy, or my own happiness I must lean and *push* in on Jehovah Jireh {my provider}, for he is where my roots must run deep. When a storm is raging and the tree bends, the roots are what keep it from falling over and dying. I leave 2016 with a storm in my soul, but welcome 2017 that I {we} are still standing. And that My Jehovah Shammah {is ever present} has not forgotten us.

Thankful for our sweet Hannah Faith entering 2016, Selah’s first ballet recital, Judah’s first try at swim team, Levi learning the entire old testament, Asher saying momma, Lydia’s love of baby dolls, Joel’s never ending dedication to me and our children, and God for showing me daily how to dig a little deeper and be so rooted nothing will separate me from Him.


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

“Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, rejoice” Pillippians 4:4

always learning~