“oh what a day”

Last night as I crawled into bed the same conversation happened as it does every.single.night…’did you check on the kids?’-‘nope did you’ – I said…as i crawled back out of the bed to check on our 6 babies. ONLY to find out 1 had lost her dinner in bed and needed to be woken,bathed,changed and regrouped. Only to do it again once all cleaned up.

I had hopes for mothers day.. I sent Joel my ‘id love this list’, and was content with a picnic in the park while my babies ran and played in the beautiful weather. But as the pre-mothers day night unfolded I quickly realized my ‘expectations’ were not going to be met. I was bummed. Bummed because all my plans for the past week have been changed due to sickness. A wedding I had been soo excited to attend – now unable to go, attending my weekly small group meeting – I couldn’t go, and our anniversary date had to be shortened and close, ALL due to sickness. At least I could have a nice mothers day right!?!?


our outfits for the wedding we never were able to attend

I knew in my heart the following day would not be breakfast in bed, candies and happy children. I knew id be cleaning up ‘sick’, changing diapers, and not getting to go to the church mothers day special. I was bummed.

But then as I sat there nursing Hannah, it hit me.

IN the mess of life, in our unclean, nasty times God loves us.

When we are needy, sick and tired, He tells us to run to him.


I get to celebrate this day because of the gifts that were given to me. With them comes all the not so fun stuff. And as i look over the day I am grateful for the messy, crazy, unromantic mothers day. Cause in the future i will not have these little ones, crawl into my lap for cuddles because ‘their tummy hurts’, or lay on my chest with their blanket, instead they will be gone, busy with thier life.

So heres to the real life mothers day.


my wonderful gifts. the kids made cards (all on their own) and taped my favorite candy on them… and a frame joel put together with me and each kiddo

(i am praying one day it will be roses and breakfast in bed.. until then though ill remember God loves me in the process!!)