The nook….

We live in a modest home of about 1,700.. a normal 3 bed 2 bath kinda home.. When we found out we were being blessed with a #5.. we had to put on our thinking caps to figure out will little one will reside … We have the older two (boys) sharing a room and the younger two (girls) sharing.. and the girls room is full… 2 beds and a dresser and toys..(we have no play room).

I wanted to transform this space….

Master closet...

Master closet…

Into a baby retreat!!

Joel was less than thrilled with the idea.. so much that it wasn’t until the 9th month that it was transformed! ūüôā

The nook is 4.5 ft wide by 8.5 ft long. Windowless, but has a vent to keep it the same tempiture as the rest of the house. We had a few stumbling blocks with arranging decor..the crib was 1/5 inch to long to go along the back of the room, thus no dresser would fit.. but in the end I love it!


First up.. painting the yellowish builder grade paint to a creamy grey… bright and cheery and clean looking! AND you know the siblings had to get in on the action of painting.. and daddy was a good sport and walked it though it!

So with no further a due… her is out sweet # 5’s little nook… A walk in closet turned nursery!

IMG_20150202_170948518Although Small, A large impact..right!??! As you can see I continue with the theme from through out the pregnancy .. ARROW:) 90% of what i used came from my shower… and i love how it ties in!

the beautiful handmade blanket from my dear friends momnlaw. And the arrow-Asher one is the special one I purchased for him.

the beautiful handmade blanket from my dear friends momnlaw. And the arrow-Asher one is the special one I purchased for him. Changing pad I rigged.. (it is a bummer pad from another set, covered in a pillow case with a sheet protector covering that so it would be water proof! (and it fits on the book shelve perfectly!!)

The super cute arrow/named stamped blanket was purchased off etsy.. super great company!! click that sentence for a direct link!

although i am not 100% finished with this wall.. we are almost there! feathers on stick (stick was found by big brothers) feathers were made from paint chips!

although i am not 100% finished with this wall.. we are almost there! feathers on stick (stick was found by big brothers) feathers were made from paint chips! Prints were found on pintrest for free

a quiver full of arrows

a quiver full of arrows

One of my favorite decor pieces.. this is all the arrows made at my baby shower... by all my dearest friends!! I saw on pinterest a similar concept with flowers, showed Joel and boom! He came in the house with this beauty! love it!!!

IMG_20150202_170651931SOO i need to replace the picture frame but in time right!?!? ūüôā

So in short this is our little Asher Quinns nursery! I love it! so a recap…


hope you love it as much as we do!






an arrow of love:)

Well our newest bundle is pending arrival..(meaning we are still waiting for him to make an appearance!!) SO I thought I would share some do-it your self projects I worked on while waiting!

I saw this shirt.. (click on shirt for the etsy store that sells them)

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.18.12 PM


AND knew my older children HAD to have them to wear to the hospital when new brother comes… BUT then the $$ tag hit me.. $20 a shirt.. and i needed 5 (FIVE) of them.. yeah not happening!! Whats a mother to do when you *MUST* have the shirt but the budget doesn’t allow!??! DIY!!!!

I think the hardest part was finding shirts that I liked enough to buy 4 of.. Walmart came to the rescue!

Then to design the shirts..


I have a Silhoutte Cameo *which I love* and used that to design the shirts…¬†IMG_20141117_161509_373

After I designed it and cut it I had to CAREFULLY pull the negative off *IN ONE PIECE* it took me a try or two the first go around.. Then i painted the shirt (i had a piece of cardboard in-between the front and back of the shirt to avoid bleeding. I used a foam brush to dab the paint on… it worked great!



Then I blew dried it.. really cause I was impatient! IMG_20141117_221014_013

Pulled the negative up and WHAM! This shirt!!!!


each shirt was $4.00, onesie was in a pack of 4.. paint $0.50, vinyl free, $16.00 total!!!

Ill take it!! over the the $100 I would have spent!:)

NOW to get them all in it and take a great picture!! Love my growing brew of babies!

have you done any DIY projects lately!?!



North Pole Breakfast

Today was our annual North Pole breakfast..(we are on year 3!!) I was kinda afraid it would not happen with a slight scare of my water breaking last night (with #5) but lucky for it is was just a scare:)

Joel and I prepped the table last night and got everything ready for this morning…¬†10885351_10152968167454626_7742897964824412650_n 10885453_10152968167639626_546575882552603270_n

North Pole breakfast means different things to different families.. for us it is all things ‘christmasy’ santa, reindeers, snowman, those sort of things. We do it on Christmas eve and it is a great start to a day full of fun!! This year it wasn’t decorated like i wanted it to be.. but the kids loved it non the same!

A few days ago Levi and I went on a date and through chatting with him, he mentioned his favorite christmas memory is this the North Pole Breakfast!:)

The family!

The family! Lydia didn’t understand why we were all looking this way.. it was kinda funny!

Breakfast includes, pancakes, bacon, orange juice, hot chocolate with a candy cane stirrer, snowman donuts, and a banana/strawberry candy cane:)

The boys anxious to start!

The kids anxious to start!

The kids get one gift, its the one in the boxes.. I look throughout the year trying to find the perfect ornament that describes them that year… and then before we eat they get to open it and put it on the tree.. its neat to see them SOO excited!

we always do girls first

we always do girls first

I LOOKED AND LOOKED for a Mary Poppins ornament. NON To be found (and my mom finally found one so YES she will get one for this year!!) So Selah ended up with a princess Balleria! She loves all things dance and princess!!

'crazy hair soccer player'

‘crazy hair soccer player’

Thank you etsy!! Judah’s was a pewter ornament with a boy playing soccer. I loved it cause of the boys hair.. and the first things he mentioned was ‘i love his spiky-crazy hair:)


This boy LOVEs all things Christmas.. he kinda reminds me of me!


Levi’s ornament! He has really grasp the art of reading this year and will read EVERYTHING. SO this ornament depicts his new skill and his love for lego’s! Again THANK YOU ETSY!

Gotta put them on the tree!!

Gotta put them on the tree!!

After Breakfast we play a few games.. Christmas bingo and ‘jack frost not lost’. Its nice to seat around the table at the end of a busy season ¬†and just laugh and have down time!!! I LOVE LOVE this time of year and all that it involves!!

~sooo do you do any fun activities?!?!



An arrow of Love

Tonight was amazing! Most of my dearest friends were able to come out and love on our sweet #5. I have been dreaming and scheming all things arrow for his little nursery nook..reveal coming;) And when I walked into the shower it was perfect!!!


The beautiful decor!

The beautiful decor!

Why arrows?? As soon as we found out we were expecting #5 God gave me the verse Psalms 127:4.. and arrows kinda stuck.. We even used it for our reveal – God know it was a boy because arrows would have been a bit crazy for a girl:) Anyways… I have read and study this verse.. and with #4 only being 3.5 months old when we got pregnant with this blessing.. this verse gave me peace and excitement!!

OK back to the party!!! One of the activities was to make arrows for our decor.. this was so fun and they turned out SO CUTE!

Making arrows

Making arrows



Aren't they beautiful!

Aren’t they beautiful!

Our little boy is so blessed with such cute things!

although this sign is perfect for our family!

although this sign is perfect for our family!

These ladies and a few others who were unable to make it.. make my village (coined by another friend) so blessed to call these ladies at anytime and walk live with them!


A special guest.. My sister!!

A special guest.. My sister!!

These two worked so hard to make my arrow shower a success! Love them so much!

These two worked so hard to make my arrow shower a success! Love them so much!

thank you to my dear friends for their love and support as we welcome our sweet #5!!

PS I am 30 weeks.. the count down has begun!!


#3 spent in a Jolly sort of way!

**warning picture heavy!

Since April, our Little Selah has dreamed of nothing but Mary Poppins.. I mean like in a crazy sort of way. She loves every song (can sing most of them) and will tell anyone that Mary Poppins is her favorite princess…(NOPE i am not gonna correct her and tell her she is NOT a princess:)

When people would ask what she was gonna do for her birthday she would proudly say ‘a mary Poppins party’ Like duh doesn’t every 3 year old want that?!! (and its crazy cause Frozen wasn’t even on the radar .. sigh!) So for the past week we have been dreaming, planning, sewing, prepping all things ‘Superfragalistic”.

The door:) Nothing says Mary Poppins like a carpet bag and the Movie:) (yes its a DVD:) we love old school!

DSC07644Next up The birthday girls outfit!



during our trip to Disney in September she saw this Minnie Mary Poppins and HAD to have it:)

Then one of my favorite parts.. the decor!!!


“A spoonful of Sugar helps the medicine go down:)’



The carousal cake, and penguin

Now on to the games and crafts.. NOW we must remember the oldest child invited was 3.5 and the youngest was 2.5 so we had to get creative!! ūüôā

"Lets go fly a kite".. I had precut kites and give them crayons and stickers!

“Lets go fly a kite”.. I had precut kites and give them crayons and stickers!


The Crew and their kites

The Crew and their kites

Remember when Mary Poppins stepped on the turtles? Well we had to also!:)

Single jump on the green shapes!

Single jump on the green shapes!

The next game surpired me and ended up being the kids favorite.. It was to balance a teacup on their head..(we didn’t have any plastic ones so I used these little cups..).. They ended up playing it multiple times each!!


even big brother had to get in on the fun!


This might be my favorite picture from her party!!

DSC07589 DSC07591 DSC07592 DSC07594Next up was cake!!!


OH my she is 3:)


since the party was small I had a small white cake (it is the top tier of a wedding cake meant for the 1 year anniversary) made and then I decorated it with frosted animal crackers and black and white straws:)

So very blessed by her friends.. lots of My little ponies, books, and pretend play!

So very blessed by her friends.. lots of My little ponies, books, and pretend play!

all her sweet friends, minus one who wanted to sit with mommy and one who was sick:(

all her sweet friends, minus one who wanted to sit with mommy and one who was sick:(

And before the party even started she INSISTED on having a picture with her daddy…

Daddy's first little girl... growing up WAY to quickly!

Daddy’s first little girl… growing up WAY to quickly!

Love my little Mary Poppins! I pray as she grows she will take the joy that she has and Become the Woman of God, he has planned for you to become!

Love you my sweet Selah girl!



So that is our long awaited Mary Poppins party!

Hope you enjoy the picture as much as we enjoyed the party…:)





dresser flip! for $50

I needed a desk.

Our budget was zero.

We needed more space in the dinning room.

SO I hopped over to pinterest.. found a dresser TURNED buffet and was sold..

Then off to craigslist.. I found this gem for $50.00

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 8.24.39 AM

I asked if they would take $35.oo … SO glad i asked! This solid wood baby became mine…

after it sat in our garage for 2 WEEKS.. I decided YESTERDAY was the day…


After i lightly sanded it.. and picked out the PERFECT shade of grey… (1 quart with PLENTY leftover) I began the task. My sweet kids really wanted to paint also but..eek that kinda scared me.. so we came up with a fun driveway mixture.. water, mashed up sidewalk chalk. PERFECT!!


(they played like this for almost 3 hours!!!!!!! WIN for mommy!)

After two coats of paint.. and home made knobs/pulleys (THAKN YOU PINTEREST!) I ended up with this BEAUTIFUL buffet …..

31Little bit of decor… need a new lamp, shade and to paint the frame AND add a picture.. but total cost for that was $1.00 (had everything else stored for a rainy day)


How cute is this printable???? you can go HERE to get it… clip board $1 store!!

Well i am INLOVE with my new dinning room area.. the drawers will house all my etsy shop stuff, bills and any office stuff… AND it looks SOO pretty! And all for only $50.00



I am post baby #4 .. 3.5 months.. I am squeezing into some pre-baby things and have packed up all my Maternity and loaned it out. I am in-between the two and at times it is really frustrating..


Id like it to go a bit faster:) Anywho I have a sweet friend who is a fashionesta and really loves to piece clothes together.. I nicely asked her if she could rummage through my closet and make something out of a hodge bodge¬†assortment… AND SHE DID!!!!!!!!!!

SOO she came over and we pulled ALL my clothes out…

the fun begins!

the fun begins!

Then she puts things together like NO ONES business.. she made my old clothes look alive and exciting again!! She used one scarf XX different ways.. amazed!



march 2014

Then she played with my other scarfs and things.. I am now excited to wear MY clothes without going and spending $$$

march 20141I am so glad to have Rachel come and help me out! She did a fabulous job and i feel MORE confident and put together.. you know kinda pinterest-y:)

HOpe you are able to pull a few ideas and use for yourself! AND if you live in my neck of the woods.. she would LOVE to come to you house and gear you in the right direction!!


(Rachel has a website coming- she is also willing to go shopping with you to help you pick out the right clothes for your body type!)