Yesterday we sold our home. With a cash offer our home became someone elses.

Our first home together. 7 sweet years (and 5 more kids) we lived and made it home.

And in 20 short minutes it was no longer ours.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 6.53.35 AM

Its crazy to think a building can hold such emotions. But I cried yesterday, cried because I doubt anyone can love the nooks and cranies of the home as we did. Joel worked tiresly on a fort house in the attic (which was a proud addition to the boys room). One room have a tree, then pink squares and finally 3 kids bunked in there. Our dinning room nook took life of a school room 4 years ago. And our master bedroom closet most recently housed our sweet #5 & #6!

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 6.53.49 AMWe will miss this sweet place, BUT soo blessed to be able to take the littles that made it home, with me! Praying for another perfect home, to watch my kids grow up in, make new memories in and grow old with Joel. (sipping sweet tea on a piece of land would be nice:)

We pray blessings over the new owners and many wonderful new memories, may you enjoy the creek and the big tree, levi adds.

Heres to answered prayers!!!

(these are a few of my favorite things in our home)

“And for every home that love abides and friendship is a guest. Is surly home, and home-sweet-home. For there the heart can rest”    Henry Van Dyke