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About a month ago I was told by a sweet friend her daughters were having their ballet recital at the end of May.. and the theme was Mary Poppins. I knew at that moment my Selah and I were going on a date! Her first, my first with her! Superman and I like to date our children. We let them choice the event, food and its just us two (expect if there is a nursing wee one) for the entire evening.

Every day since May 2 the moment I walked in her room in the morning, she would say.. “ballet day”. She as sooo excited! She picked our her ‘twirl’ which consist of a very large purple tutu and a big purple flower. This morning at our playdate she proudly stated today was our date and she was going to see the ballet and the girls twirl with Mary Poppins.

5:15 came and we were ready to go….On our first date!

dressed and ready to go!

dressed and ready to go!

Off to Chick Fila, her favorite and pick for our special night. She was able to order and get anything she wanted….

Kids meal, nuggets, fruit, and Lemonade (huge special treat!!).

IMG_20140529_173512_399Poor girl couldn’t even eat her meal she was so excited, blueberries and strawberries were eaten… all else came home. After a quick clean up we loaded up in the van and headed out to the MAIN event.

my girl and her twirl

my girl and her twirl

As we were driving she talked the whole way (something that doesn’t happen when her older brothers are in the van).. one of my favorite quotes of the night.. ‘mom is that car in front of us going to the ballet?” Love her sweet mind and her excitement.. seeing her joy fills my heart!.

in true mary poppins fashion

in true mary poppins fashion

Once we arrived {there was standing room only}  We grabbed a seat and she stood on my lap THE ENTIRE TIME.. and we were able to ENJOY every minute of our sweet friends as they danced to the different favorites of Mary Poppins… Both of the sweet girls we knew did amazing and we are so proud of them.

her view!

her view!

As it came to an end.. she said {multiple times} see again see again.. uh- full heart! I asked if we could take a picture with ‘Mary Poppins’ OH MY WORD her smile was sooooo huge…..

my sweet girls hero.. not princess but mary poppins

my sweet girls hero.. not princess but mary poppins

on our way home we got a special treat.. she ate 3 bits…


As we were driving home she said “mom i love you to the stars and round it’.. Yes baby i love you too.. I do believe my ‘bucket’ is full to the brim sweet girl. Seeing your excitement and joy over a simple night out. Not only was it amazing and perfect {in every way} you are too my sweet girl! Thank you for this special memory and I pray for MANY more! love you baby girl!




10 years ago, I was dating a man I felt I would marry.. and because of that reason I assumed I needed a family car… !?!??! So I sold my paid off sentra and bought a Fort Escape.. *CASH* .. -note: it wasn’t any bigger not sure what i was thinking?!?!-.

day one as a SUV owner

day one as a SUV owner


Anyways I bought it and shortly after became married and then kid #1, Kid #2, then Kid #3… my awesome ‘family car’ was quickly becoming too small (in less than 6 years)..

3 carseats=a crowd

3 carseats=a crowd


So we decided i needed a Van.(mom mobile) and Superman would drive my car… So for the last 2.5 years this is how I have seen my car EVERYDAY..

kent family tradition.. wave to them till they are gone

kent family tradition.. wave to them till they are gone

But I am proud to say .. Yesterday was a HUGE milestone in her life….


This red beauty who has seen.. over 21 trips to Florida, 1 side of the road flat tire, escorted 4 babies home, a honeymoon, resided in tampa, orlando, griffin & hampton, multiple date nights, to carrying lighting equipment, 8 christmas tress, and 1 robbery, AND still going strong!!

So blessed to have this car in our family!!



the cup on the fridge…

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having a bunch of our family drive from various parts of Florida and Georgia.. to be here as we dedicated our youngest and our oldest got baptized.. As i walked around my house tidying it up after most of the family had gone to thier hotel or campers, I looked up on the refrigerator and knew they would be back….

A simple clear cup sat on top of the refrigerator. Empty but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be there if Pawpaw is there.. as i looked up i was reasured that not only will they be back tomorrow but that he was there TODAY… And as i thought about that clear cup a few other things came to mind.. 3 boxes of animal crackers (the traditional in the box with the rope), a ‘jonny and the bear’ story all represented something… My children’s great-grand parents were in the house:)

Now not all of them could attend due to different situations but THIS time, is when it hit me.. HOW fortunate are we to have all but 1 GREAT grandparent living?!!?

Although the weekend flew by and i didn’t get to cherish as many moments as i wish i could have.. here is a snapshot of 3 days with the Greats looked like..

IMG_20140508_175731_652 IMG_20140508_191044_202 IMG_20140512_112720_807IMG_20140508_191029_538IMG_1776 IMG_1779



Now that they all have left, and we now depend on phone calls, texts and Facebook… i realize that although some think those things are horrible i see them as an advantage for my children. They are able to be hundreds of miles away from some of the most amazing people ever (AKA our grandparents) but still ‘see’ them. My Grandma routinely brings animal crackers for my children.. AND on top of that we get to have her stay in our home.. those extra moments are like a gold mine to us.. the early mornings .. the light nights.. priceless. Joel’s grandma comes in and transforms my humble kitchen into a bakery within SECONDS.. then takes a breather to tell the kids a ‘story my teacher told me’ ***PLEASE note this story is HIGHLY likely to change at a moments notice:)* Pawpaw although quiet is amazing.. he on a simple request cleans any dirty dishes, cuts up a chicken and then updates us all on the internet world. Truly amazing people and a generation we are blessed to peek into each time they step foot into our home.

Not sure when the next time they will be here but I do know that i will hold these past moments close to my heart.. thank you Pawpaw for reminding me you were HERE today by placing your cup on my refrigerator.. (he does this so we will not ‘wash’ it over and over) .. and i am so grateful!!

Love you each SOO MUCH!

‘just like jesus’

A few months ago my sweet eldest boy started asking questions about being baptized. The questions got really deep on day in the van.. as we chatted he mentioned he wanted to get baptized.. I WAS SPEECHLESS… I mean i was baptized at 7 and fully believed the commitment i was making and was so eager i could not wait. I had to attend a little class with the pastor to make sure i understand what it meant.. but looking back i see it as a HUGE day in my life!

So when my Son wanted to do it.. i was thrilled! We chatted a few more times about it and then talked with Superman! We felt he was ready! So we found out the next baptismal and began ‘getting ready’. He was very set on FAMILY being here.. so we planned it around Chickadee’s dedication. **due to  MOST of the family coming up for that we could squeeze in another celebration no problem!!

I created the Invites, he approved them, they were sent..

created by me

created by me

We was thrilled…. The sunday came and he was not nervous a bit.. We, as his parents had talked to him about it a TON.. read him stories int eh bible about it and showed him videos of it begin done.. As we were lined up in the back of the church.. I asked him “are you nervous” (CAUSE man i was about to pee myself i was so excited/nervous) His response was simple “no why?”! MM i don’t know why.. for him the discion to be baptized was simple.. if jesus did it, i should. He was right on.. no need to be nervous!

IMG_20140511_094102_642 IMG_20140511_094111_559

His parents, all his siblings, 3 great grand parents, 1 grandparent, 1 aunt were able to to be there to see Levi make this bold act in his faith walk! As we walked out of the service, i leaned down and said lets take a picture.. And he simply said “i am like jesus now mom!” Yes my dear you are, you strive to honor him all he will make your ways right!!IMG_20140511_094355_190SOO proud of you MY first born son!

we are so proud of you!

we are so proud of you!

mommy loves you!

“..and I will give him back to you”

1st Samuel 1:11 talks about Hannah and the vow she made to God about giving her son back to the Lord. We take this as an example and do something similar today with our children. With each child we have created a celebration of sorts.. where all the family comes and we formally give them back. Supermans dad is a pastor and has performed all of our dedications.

This year it was Sweet Chickadee’s turned. I pulled out the dress months ago.. this dress is not just a DRESS .. we picked up at some store.. not this dress, it is some 59 years old. My grandma’s wedding dress! I was given it and had it remade into a dedication dress. I designed it (to show case my favorite parts of the dress) and then found this site on etsy …………….  . My first daughter wore it, my cousin used it for her sweet girl and now Chickadee (my 2nd daughter) will wear it.

59 year old dress remade into this:)

59 year old dress remade into this:)

After the invitations were sent, the menu was created and all the RSVP’s were given.. the day came and it turned out perfect.. we decided to go a different route. We knew all our family was not going to drive up for two occasions (since they live like 7 hours away).. so we grouped to big events together. We also did it on a saturday in our yard.

90% of our family came out and those who couldn’t sent their love… such a blessing to have some many join us in ‘giving her back’. Superman’s dad “papa” preformed a simple yet perfect dedication.

Here are a few shots of the morning…


future preacher?!?!




IMG_3424 IMG_1766





my side of the family

my side of the family

Superman's side of the family

Superman’s side of the family

We are so blessed to have this time to spend with family and to give our sweet girl back to the Lord!

One more reason this weekend was amazing!!





1964 you were born..

18 years later you became a mommy.. to ME:)

Shortly after 3 more were added ..

Then the surprise 2 blessings arrived..

In 2005 your first son-n-law joined the clan..

Grandma status happened in 2007, (and again in 2010, 2011, 2014)

Mom, Over the years we have shared many wonderful memories..  Ones i will cherish forever!

I pray this day is extra special.. first mothers day we have been able to spend it together in 9 years!

Love you mom!!

my mom in 1971  6.5 years old

my mom in 1971
6.5 years old

me and her in 1984

me and her in 1984

Mom & I at my 1st daughters baby shower

Mom & I at my 1st daughters baby shower


Happy Mothers day mom!


dresser flip! for $50

I needed a desk.

Our budget was zero.

We needed more space in the dinning room.

SO I hopped over to pinterest.. found a dresser TURNED buffet and was sold..

Then off to craigslist.. I found this gem for $50.00

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 8.24.39 AM

I asked if they would take $35.oo … SO glad i asked! This solid wood baby became mine…

after it sat in our garage for 2 WEEKS.. I decided YESTERDAY was the day…


After i lightly sanded it.. and picked out the PERFECT shade of grey… (1 quart with PLENTY leftover) I began the task. My sweet kids really wanted to paint also but..eek that kinda scared me.. so we came up with a fun driveway mixture.. water, mashed up sidewalk chalk. PERFECT!!


(they played like this for almost 3 hours!!!!!!! WIN for mommy!)

After two coats of paint.. and home made knobs/pulleys (THAKN YOU PINTEREST!) I ended up with this BEAUTIFUL buffet …..

31Little bit of decor… need a new lamp, shade and to paint the frame AND add a picture.. but total cost for that was $1.00 (had everything else stored for a rainy day)


How cute is this printable???? you can go HERE to get it… clip board $1 store!!

Well i am INLOVE with my new dinning room area.. the drawers will house all my etsy shop stuff, bills and any office stuff… AND it looks SOO pretty! And all for only $50.00