Just turned 6 and has been dreaming of baseball.. NOW let me tell you.. he is not a strong ball player.. extreme sports YES but ball sports..not so much:/ SOO i thought why not sign him up for a week camp to see

DSC04551if he will like it.. I NEVER expected the quality or the learning about God or basketball my son would  receive!


Monday to Friday was full of

practice, small group, rally,

snack, laughter and fun!

The coaches and leaders in charge were very on top of things and from what I saw things ran sooo smoothly!


I am in no part part of Upward sports but I do know this group is something I will make sure to check out in the future for sports and camps.

My son did the basketball, they also had soccer & cheerleading camps.. (both basketball and soccer had girl camps also)

The neat part was at the end of the week they had a ‘show off’ kind of night. Each group showed their parents what they did and learned about all week. the whole family was invited to attend.









Each Child left with a ball, shirt and a water bottle.. for $35 IT was SOOO worth every bit.. not to mention Brother now thinks he can play league.. soo I guess we will be attempting it with this Fall/winter with Upward Basketball:)

Wish me luck!


For more information here is the link!


Yearly Goals -April

April goals:


  • pay our fine at the library and check out a new mommy book
  • Run 5 days a week 3 miles
  • do quiet time everyday!
  • learn a verse about being patience..virtue i need to improve on!

Mothering/ Parenting/school:

  • finish school room
  • Finish reading Little House on the Prairie (two chapters left!) & rent movie
  • gather all the supplies I-L


  • write or find a spring cleaning list-
  • info about pressure washing
  • plan & organize friends baby shower
  • cooking at home 6 nights  a week (really try not to eat out.. AT ALL this week)
  • begin saving for insurance again
  • get oil leak in van fixed


  • Birthday pages for the boys
  • order photo’s for ‘babys & boys books’
  • do 2 pages on Baby’s 1st year book (URG!:(


  • go on one Date this month!!!!  
  • send a sweet treat to superman in the mail…

What are your goals this month??


Yearly Goals -Feb update

Soo somehow March came and left and i forgot to do my monthly goals…:( SOO I am here in April moving forward!! First lets review what i accomplished for Feb


  • start and finish “Desperate” by Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson
  • Run 5 days a week 3 miles (kinda about 4 days a week.. does that count)
  • do quiet time everyday! (STILL working on this one.. got about 3 out of 7.. I WILL accomplish this!)
  • Call my grandma everyday  (i did skype  and texting also!)

Mothering/ Parenting/school:

  • resume a normal school week
  • Continue reading Little House on the Prairie (two chapters left!)
  • gather all the supplies for e-i


  • Pack and organize all our supplies for our family vacation to Snowshoe
  • have house in order for our return
  • Plan and organize Taco’s 3rd party
  • Cont cooking at home 6 nights  a week
  • get Insurance (we started going to the chiropractor instead:(


  • wedding present for family member
  • do 2 pages on Baby’s 1st year book (URG!:(


  • go on one Date this month!!!!  We went on a date on our Vacation.. soo much fun!

What are your goals this month??


New Bread recipe! YUMMY!

As part of my goals i am to make a new bread recipe every week.. Last night i made a very easy yummy bread! It was a little wholewheat so that counts right??


I got the original recipe from here at moneysavingmom.com.. although i did change it some for our taste.. and since we still do not have an oven we went ahead and used the machine instead of taking it out.. (IT did rise FULL to the top..so be aware!)

Homemade Wheat Bread

  • 1 cup warm water (110-115 degrees F.)
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 4 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup whole-wheat flour
  • 2 cups bread flour
  • 2 teaspoons dry yeast

Put all ingredients in the bread machine in the order listed.

Put on wheat bread and LIGHT crust.. and walk AWAY~:) it was soo good!

Early to Rise Challenge!


I am a faithful follow (for 5 years now) of Moneysavingmom.com .. over the years she has written things and taught me so much about saving money, parenting, loving others, being debt free, homeschooling, and goal setting (really there is more but I’ll stop with those:). And this month, March,  she is hosting a challenge and i want to join.. it is super simple.. pick a ‘early’ time to rise each morning and then .. do it:)

Although I have been getting up at 5:30 (off and on) since the beginning of the year I only do it the days my running buddy and i go running.. so if either of us cant run.. i sleep in.. SOO i am challenging myself to rise 5 days a week at 5:30 and -key- GET out of bed! normally i run but if that doesn’t happen.. to be productive in some way..

Are you in??? Link up if yes!

would love to hear why you picked an early time and what you will be doing!

Organize in a Year

Well not really.. But I am going to pick one major project per month to accomplish.. SO i thought why not post my to-do list?!?!

**ill link back to here when i have finished the monthly task!!!**

Jan: Master Closet

Feb: Pantry

March: School room (OVERHAUL)

April: Work desk area

May: create work space for Superman – bouns

June: Master Bath..-up grade  (paint, mirror treatment)

July: Bouns room -craft side

Aug: boys closet and toys

Sept: dressers (master)

Oct: garage (on going right??)

Nov:  hall closet

Dec: Baby’s room (get a dresser rid of baby things)

What to join the challenge?? trust me you will love the results!
Link up if you are!


Last month i Picked my master Closet.. and that took about 1/2 of one full day! BUT man it feels sooo good! This month.. (Feb) i tackled the pantry.. now you must know we were not blessed with a real pantry.. instead we must share our pantry with laundry room.. its makes for fun times..NOT:)

But this is our before:

DSC02928 DSC02930 DSC02931

Pretty Bad uh?!?! Well we saved up and purchased cash for a new storage unit.. DID i say yet that we actually have a pantry but the Builder put a water heater in it?!? well they did..(really?!?!?)

Anyways! We went to walmart.com and order this nice LARGE sturdy cabinet and let me just say.. HEAVEN SENT!!!!!!!

2013-02-14_13.37.59 2013-02-14_13.38.34 2013-02-14_13.38.50

My Now pantry with laundry room is much more functioning.. and all my supplies that aren’t needed RIGHT now are stored in the new Cabinet.. aww.. its now more enjoyable to go shopping cause i know what i have and what i dont have..haha!

Were you able to do any monthly reorganizing??