Menu Plan for Mid-week:) Feb 27th-March 3rd

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 8.40.11 PM

So our family has been oven free for 3 weeks.. NOT by choice!:) soo this week i have planned our menu with that in mind (AGAIN:(  )!


  • lasagna soup
  •  pizza -homemade dough
  • pesto subs
  • stir Fry
  • BBQ subs (crockpot)
  • cuban subs
  • mashed potato’s, grilled chicken & green beans


  • trail mix
  • granola bars


since we are really boring when it comes to this meal we always have the same

  • oatmeal w/oj
  • cereal w/oj

Soo that is our plan this week.. what is your meal plan???


Homeschool field trip-ART studio!

This month we went to Bubbles & Brushes art studio with our homeschool group! It was soo much fun! The kids were each greeted as soon as we walked into a bright, cheery room and each handed an apron to place over there clothes. The Owner was our instructor for the day and SHE did soo good! We had 10 children 3-9 and there was never a dull moment.. each child was able to create a piece of art per their level. They created “pop” art and as the pictures will show they each loved the colors!!!


Feb 2013

Notice there are no camera's .. just Phones!:) soo funny to me!

Notice there are no camera’s .. just Phones!:) soo funny to me!


finished "pop" art

finished “pop” art

Someplace we will keep on the calendar for next year! SOO MUCH FUN!


Organize in a Year

Well not really.. But I am going to pick one major project per month to accomplish.. SO i thought why not post my to-do list?!?!

**ill link back to here when i have finished the monthly task!!!**

Jan: Master Closet

Feb: Pantry

March: School room (OVERHAUL)

April: Work desk area

May: create work space for Superman – bouns

June: Master Bath..-up grade  (paint, mirror treatment)

July: Bouns room -craft side

Aug: boys closet and toys

Sept: dressers (master)

Oct: garage (on going right??)

Nov:  hall closet

Dec: Baby’s room (get a dresser rid of baby things)

What to join the challenge?? trust me you will love the results!
Link up if you are!


Last month i Picked my master Closet.. and that took about 1/2 of one full day! BUT man it feels sooo good! This month.. (Feb) i tackled the pantry.. now you must know we were not blessed with a real pantry.. instead we must share our pantry with laundry room.. its makes for fun times..NOT:)

But this is our before:

DSC02928 DSC02930 DSC02931

Pretty Bad uh?!?! Well we saved up and purchased cash for a new storage unit.. DID i say yet that we actually have a pantry but the Builder put a water heater in it?!? well they did..(really?!?!?)

Anyways! We went to and order this nice LARGE sturdy cabinet and let me just say.. HEAVEN SENT!!!!!!!

2013-02-14_13.37.59 2013-02-14_13.38.34 2013-02-14_13.38.50

My Now pantry with laundry room is much more functioning.. and all my supplies that aren’t needed RIGHT now are stored in the new Cabinet.. aww.. its now more enjoyable to go shopping cause i know what i have and what i dont have..haha!

Were you able to do any monthly reorganizing??


More ‘D’ learning!

With boys i feel we have to be more ‘out of the box’..(knowing this statement WILL change once i begin formal learning with ‘baby’ but for now .. it stands!:)

I was trying to think of an idea/activity for them to do during that ‘witching hour’ (you know between 4:00 and 5:30) SOO i put a bowl of apples in the middle of the table (for snacking) and two shoe boxes.. one filled with oatmeal and “dino bones’ and one filled with kidney beans and ‘dino bones’.

We were gonna Dig for Dino bones! Each child got a paint brush to brush away the sand (oatmeal) or rocks (kidney beans) and an extra plate to drop their finds (scooby doo graham crackers) on… it looked like this!

798141_10151394225829626_1412592037_o Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 1.26.30 PM

The boys surprised me with over 1 hour and 45 mins of playing.. AND my house was NOT destroyed with ‘sand’ and ‘rocks’.. They even asked to play again the next day! SOO worth the $3.00 bones!! I thought this fit in Perfect with the letter were were studying for “Taco’s” LOW program!!

Do you have any cool activities you set up for your kids doing those ‘ever so fun hours’??


Working on the letter D!!

“Taco” is in K3.. well i dont really know what that is, but i felt he was ready to start some more ‘fun’, purposeful learning… soo i began gathering things to introudce a letter a week.. We are using Confessions of a Homeschoolers LOW program and LOVE IT! But this week i felt we needed more .. (well actually i have begun trying to find things that will fill that 4:00 to 6:00 hour!!) HAHA!

SOO I googled and found these Fun D activities!
First up.. humpty DUMPTY – egg DROP! (see all those ‘d’s!:)

Then i found a UTUBE video of Humpty Dumpty and i let them watch it a few times.. Then i pulled out this really fun printable …(i got it over here… )

Then we began filling bags with different things to try… My Kindergartener wrote his own (soo this counts for writing right?!?!) I then had them guess if the egg would break or not…



THEN UP on a high chair they each got to drop a baggie with a BOILED egg in it.. it was really fun to see if it would crack or not! And lets not let the eggs go to we ate “humpty dumpty salad for lunch!” (egg salad!!)

Do you have any fun “D” activities???


Menu Plan for Feb 17th-23rd

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 8.40.11 PM

Well once again we are at the beginning of the week! We are taking our yearly family vacation and this years to to Snowshoes in WV! we are very excited!! So here our meals for this week!


  • travel day: eat out ..
  •  northern bean soup
  • taco’s
  • Eat out on the Mt (date night:)
  • travel day: eat out
  • loaded turkey subs w/fruit
  • pizza night (our small group that meets monthly)


  • homemade granola bars (praying ill be able to complete them!)
  • store bought stuff.. (SUCH A TREAT for my kiddo’s)
  • brownies!


Vacation breakfasts!!

  • oatmeal w/oj
  • cereal w/oj
  • pancakes w/fruit
  • eggs, bacon, grits

Soo that is our plan this week.. what is your meal plan???