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leaving the hospital

Hannah Faith
Where to begin, truly the most unique birth experience ever! Friday night began with a beautiful baby shower hosted by my 3 dear friends, full of yummy food and laughter. (I was tired but felt fine) After the festivities, I arrived home around 10:45pm. Happily showing Joel all my goodies from the party. At around 11:00 I had a few Braxton hicks (or so I thought ) contractions. By 11:30 I took a shower to maybe stop them so I could get some sleep. It didn’t help, instead I asked Joel to install a contraction app on my phone.. Was this it!??! I was leery due to it being 3 weeks early and having JUST had a Dr appointment that morning where I was only dilated to 1.5cm. By midnight I was asking Joel to text our doula and try to find someone to come and stay with our 5 sleeping babies, you know just incase. At 12:45am things were 2.5 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute.. pretty intense but not insane. We throw some clothes into a suitcase (nope hadn’t packed yet) I thought it might be best to go ahead and head to the hospital due to the fact the weather was crazy and actually snowing. My friend showed up at around 1:00am and after a few minutes of briefing we booked it to the hospital. Arriving around 1:40am.
By the time we got to the labor & delivery department I was checked and was at 6cm. they walked me down to another room (which took FOREVER, because of the continual contractions). Once I arrived in the room, they were trying to give me an iv and get a heart rate on baby… then suddenly my water broke (which I had been praying to experience since I had not had that before). Mass chaos ensued (like 5 billion people were rushing around). They kept telling me to get on the bed.. hello I was in major pain (like constantly) get on the bed?…. move!?!?… Haha. Finally I made it up there. I was now at 10cm and fully ready for the baby. They gently told me.. ‘don’t push the doctor isn’t here yet’.
Well… I said I can’t help it (3-4 mins later) and with one push… our sweet baby arrived. Just like that.
As the nurses rushed around, the doctor walked in…
Needless to say I was still in shock, my baby came within roughly 3 hours time from start to finish.
Hannah Faith weighed in at 6lbs 3oz, 18 ¾” Long @ 2:10am on January 23, 2016.


hannah faith


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