snuggles & joy

The other day Asher (2.5) crawled into bed with me and let me snuggle… as I relished the sweet moment I realized how my big boys don’t do that anymore. How they want different from me. How they want my ears, not necessarily my lap.


Time rushes by, days zooms into nights and back again… and then I realize.. sometimes I am waiting for ‘perfect’..

Perfect.. kids

Perfect.. house

Perfect.. décor

Perfect.. numbers in our bank

And then I realize perfect is actually right now.

With Selahs feet dangling from the bench during school, when Lydia brings ‘her baby Hannah’ to school –every day- , looking out and seeing Judah ride his tire horse for hours on end, watching Hannah quickly grasp the art of walking and Levi devouring book after book- just for fun.


Recently I was challenged to find joy… and I struggled.. for the first time ever. And was reminded

“….in his presence is fullness of Joy…” psalm 16:11


He desires us to stop and to come to him, when we are busy and life is crazy… and things look NOT so perfect.. he says COME into his presence.. just as I want my kids to come into mine .. how I miss the snuggles.. God misses our quote unquote snuggles to.. when we dig deep down in his word or in prayer.. he want us to be with him…

My goal.. to relish these moments, while leaning on Gods joy.. and spending more time in his presence, and knowing life is good…..