Just turned 6 and has been dreaming of baseball.. NOW let me tell you.. he is not a strong ball player.. extreme sports YES but ball sports..not so much:/ SOO i thought why not sign him up for a week camp to see

DSC04551if he will like it.. I NEVER expected the quality or the learning about God or basketball my son would  receive!


Monday to Friday was full of

practice, small group, rally,

snack, laughter and fun!

The coaches and leaders in charge were very on top of things and from what I saw things ran sooo smoothly!


I am in no part part of Upward sports but I do know this group is something I will make sure to check out in the future for sports and camps.

My son did the basketball, they also had soccer & cheerleading camps.. (both basketball and soccer had girl camps also)

The neat part was at the end of the week they had a ‘show off’ kind of night. Each group showed their parents what they did and learned about all week. the whole family was invited to attend.









Each Child left with a ball, shirt and a water bottle.. for $35 IT was SOOO worth every bit.. not to mention Brother now thinks he can play league.. soo I guess we will be attempting it with this Fall/winter with Upward Basketball:)

Wish me luck!


For more information here is the link!