“..and I will give him back to you”

1st Samuel 1:11 talks about Hannah and the vow she made to God about giving her son back to the Lord. We take this as an example and do something similar today with our children. With each child we have created a celebration of sorts.. where all the family comes and we formally give them back. Supermans dad is a pastor and has performed all of our dedications.

This year it was Sweet Chickadee’s turned. I pulled out the dress months ago.. this dress is not just a DRESS .. we picked up at some store.. not this dress, it is some 59 years old. My grandma’s wedding dress! I was given it and had it remade into a dedication dress. I designed it (to show case my favorite parts of the dress) and then found this site on etsy …………….  . My first daughter wore it, my cousin used it for her sweet girl and now Chickadee (my 2nd daughter) will wear it.

59 year old dress remade into this:)

59 year old dress remade into this:)

After the invitations were sent, the menu was created and all the RSVP’s were given.. the day came and it turned out perfect.. we decided to go a different route. We knew all our family was not going to drive up for two occasions (since they live like 7 hours away).. so we grouped to big events together. We also did it on a saturday in our yard.

90% of our family came out and those who couldn’t sent their love… such a blessing to have some many join us in ‘giving her back’. Superman’s dad “papa” preformed a simple yet perfect dedication.

Here are a few shots of the morning…


future preacher?!?!




IMG_3424 IMG_1766





my side of the family

my side of the family

Superman's side of the family

Superman’s side of the family

We are so blessed to have this time to spend with family and to give our sweet girl back to the Lord!

One more reason this weekend was amazing!!




“officially a homeschool mom”

A few days ago I had to get my oil changed.. LIKE i was WAY WAY over.. the light was one over:( So I decided “tomorrow” was the day. Since Superman could not do it for me or even stay with the kids (cause if i waited till then it MIGHT break down)… I gathered all that i would need to be at the car place for HOURS.. cause lets be real.. they don’t use clocks, and dont care about what we have planned. Snacks, blanket, daipers, change of clothes (potty training).. And school for my oldest 2. SO I loaded up the car with these and headed out for our morning adventure….


the moving school house

We arrived at dealership, and the process of oil change began… I laid out my blanket..(CAUSE the floor was GROSS!) And began passing out their activities..

prepared for the long hall...

prepared for the long hall…

sent the above pic to my hubby and his response.. “you are officially a homeschool mom”..

Not sure what i was before.. a circus conductor?  🙂

ONLY to be told .. moments later… “Mrs Kent, your car is finished!”

BUT IF I WASN’T PREPARED.. i would still be there:)