Must haves while camping with little ones!

SO we just finished our 11 day camping trip with 4 kids under 7 and 22 weeks with #5. And although we did use a camper, there were things I will never leave home without!

  • A stroller – we LOVE our Phil and Ted A MUST have:)


  • a backpack.. for showers and for leaving …. traveling about:)
  • if you have under 2 kids – a travel highchair
  • color coded water cups for each child. *saves from fights!!
  • REALLY color coded everything.. from towels to bathroom bags, to snack cups.. we do this at home and it easily transferred to home!
  • and my most important tip is ziploc baggie. like no joke. these things are my saving grace. I use them for left overs, dirty clothes, to hold clean clothes in the diaper bag, for wet things, for food/snacks, for keep things dry – wallet, keys, camera.. and the list goes on we purchased 2 packs of 30 from walmart and id say the BEST investment!!!
i purchased the walmart  brand!

i purchased the walmart brand!

  • And lastly if you are staying at the fort.. i would suggest a golf cart. They have some you can rent from disney but they are WAY out of our $$ range.. SO we opted to rent off site.. We had great success with Tee time golf rentals.. AMAZING! They are about 1/2 the price and the cart worked great! We have 4 little ones and the 4 seater worked great BUT if you have older kids you might want to get the 8 seater..(we will be for our next trip) DONT Facebook them but do call…. They will return your call within 2 hours and are super easy to work with!

    maybe too many people:( BUT SOO MUCH FUN!

    maybe too many people:( BUT SOO MUCH FUN!

although there are a ton of things that you should bring and could bring. These are my favorite!!!

hope they help!