Freezer meal to the rescue…

This week has been full of sickness around here.. one kid or another has had the yuckies.. Well today it went full throttle.. “baby” seems to be on the tail end, “taco” right smack in the middle and “Brother” the beginning stages… SOO off to the doctors we went.. and 1.5 hours later we no nothing than its the croup and Baby has an ear infection… (first one of my kiddo’s to get this:(BOO!) I didnt even make it home before two were asleep.. After a 3 hour nap.. they all were soo sleep still.. SOO in went a special treat of Veggies tales!

Baby cried the entire afternoon..well about every 20 or 30 minutes… at 5:00 I REALIZED it was 5:00 and soo thankfull for the Freezer meal i had thrown in the crockpot before the doctors appt this morning…. Due to my crazy day i would have opted to take out or another form of food…Such a proud moment to be able to have a home cooked meal without the stress..

SOO incase you were not already aware i LOVE my freezer cooking swap group i am part of.. FOR DAYS LIKE TODAY! Now i am off to lay on the couch by the fire and my Superman.. SOO i can be ready for anything that comes at me during the night..(last night between the two boys i was up 9 times)-praying for a more restful night!:)

Here is a shot of my babies earlier in the day..

Veggie Tales..a fire.. pallets x3 and 3 sick babies...

Veggie Tales..a fire.. pallets x3 and 3 sick babies…

If you are able to just do one freezer meal a week.. (maybe double a recipe you are already making) it might be worth it.. My goal of eating out once a week was not broken because of sickness or tiredness (at least not this time:) but instead we kept right on because there was a ‘pre-plan’

Let me know when a freezer meal has come to your families rescue…..