faith of a child…

Today as I rocked Chickadee and flipped through the mail, I noticed we received our income tax check.. although most would be thrilled, we are working through how to use that said ‘extra $$’. As I stood there {slightly pacing} tossing around ideas .. do we pay off car, get Superman his much need surgery on his mouth, fix the drainage around our house, the list goes on…I was stopped short when I saw this..

taco 4 years old

taco 4 years old

My 2nd oldest child playing quietly with is car (that no longer works due to batteries needing to be replaced, mismatched socks.. cause who really cares anyways ..) With no care in the world.. I stood there and it hit me. He doesn’t know or even care where dinner is coming from, or whether or not we will have a home tomorrow, he trusts us- his parents.. 100% .. That lead me to go check out each of the older ones and this is what i saw…IMG_20140310_171902_410 IMG_20140310_171835_403

Each child engrossed in their own world.. (these pictures were all take within second of each other).. But it really made me think.. how do we go from faith as a child, to little/no faith as an adult.. we doubt the $ will arrive, we doubt our relationship will work out, we doubt just about everything.. we say we air on the side of caution.. but is that Biblical?? i am not sure and i am not here to debate it.. but i am simply saying.. my 3 older children and my tax return all made me stop and think.. God wants what is best for me..PERIOD.. i don’t need to ‘worry’ or frate, i just need to trust.. WHOLE-heartly. Yes things may not end up BEAUTIFUL or how we want it, but he loves us more than we love ourselves.. or he would not have created us.. Although i still have to figure out how to spend the tax return I now know that life is full of faith, are we {I} willing to trust and hold on for the ride like our children or walk doubtful into the future???


Why I married HIM…

Unlike what you are thinking this post isn’t to Boast or brag about my AMAZING Superman.. Although don’t get me wrong he is ‘AMAZING’:) It is more a post about why…. let me explain!


When we got married 8.5 years ago I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was the man I was called to marry.. NO there wasn’t a (insert deep voice-from God) “MARRY HIM JESSICA!” but there WAS a peace.. The event surrounding our courtship (of 6 months) and then engagement was anything less than fun. Lots of ‘important people’ had many different opinions. Without going into all that, (its a story for another time!:) We decided to move forward and marry.

I knew I loved him and that God had brought us together. I had always wanted a man who loved me 2nd.. yes 2nd  to God. And He did. I would always be first when it comes to this world but 2nd when it came to God. To me that was more than I could ever dreamed or hope for.

Now 8.5 years later, a drastic move (3 months after marrying), no family close, 3.5 kids, and a home we are here.. (whatever that mean..) living life together. Now there are no roses or chocolate everyday and some days are hard. But we had a short mini conversation last week that lead to this post…..

Our financial status has changed.. well not really but it seems like it has.. the ends meet but with nothing left to spare. (BECAUSE WE SERVE A GREAT GOD! DUH!) But as he and I were in the kitchen talking about how the $ just isnt there.. i looked over and said.. “well at least we have each other!”

What I mean by that is .. statically couples fight over money and the lack or abundance of it. Who spends what, why they spend it ect.. I can honestly say we have never fought over money.. why?!? Well for one we trust the other person and we share the same Financial goals personally, and as a family. These two things make a huge impact!

The old saying ‘you cant live on love alone’…. well i disagree.. Love is what keeps us focused and together.. if we didn’t ‘love’ each other this season would have been EXTRA (or really that much) hard-er. We may not have but 17 cents in our bank account.. but TOGETHER (because we love and respect each other) will do whatever it takes to make it work for OUR family! Not give up or quitting ..instead be willing to fight for it.

There has been many sacrifices made over the past 3-5 months.. but we are still inlove and making it.. not by our own but because we listened to God and followed him as he lead us to each other..

NOW i started this posted with.. Why I married Him.. to finished it would be ‘because I know without a doubt God placed him in my life to LIVE life and because I LOVED him…”

I would must rather be POOR and inlove than Rich and not.. that is just me!!


Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

Genesis 2:18 NLV

What are your thoughts????