In the mist of everyday….

Today is Sunday .. normally a day filled with church and family time. Well today Superman worked from before the sun went up – until way past my bedtime.. (which these days isn’t late!:) haha! Meaning it was just the kiddo’s and me. I was super tired due to ‘Baby’ not taking a nap (or rather not transitioning from car-seat to bed.. WHAT!??!) After I instituted rest time for all involved, the younger two and I went outside (due to the weather being AMAZINGLY beautiful!), and I sat in a chair relaxing.. watching the littles…

Then this face walked over and said “mom, i know you need to rest, cause you have a baby in your tummy. But when you are done can you please play -what is this ball called again- with me” -Taco

IMG-20131020-00292Although I was SLAP wore out.. and knew the day was only 1/2 way through.. I said one day he will not ask me to play “what is the ball called” game with him. So up I went.. which lead to a 2 person game of T-Ball .. Which he declared “mom at your next birthday you need to do baseball, cause you need teaching”- HAHA we had lots of fun moments, like each time I caught the ball he would cheer and clap. And I would do the same for him. Watching him wait patiently while I dealt with “baby’s” ant bits, and having to go to the bathroom at least 3 times.

Then to top the afternoon off I was handed a beautiful yellow flower  (aka.. weed) and the statement ‘you’d the best mommy ever’…. YEP in these ordinary days I am learning THESE are the moments.. All to soon he will be out playing “REAL” ball with “REAL” athletes but for now he wants me HIS MOM…. ME.. the honor and the joy that comes with that.. AND TO THINK I almost miss it because I was ‘tired’….

I am honored to be HIS mommy! And to have memories like this..