What if….

Lately I have been asked a bunch..”hows Lydia adjusting to Asher?’ the simple answer is ‘she is doing fine.’ Our family is large..(according to todays standards.) We had 5 children in 7 years, one right after another. Why do we have so many children? Is it healthy for us? Do we make enough money? You will regret it… the comments could go on and on. But as of this past week, as I look around my little brood of humans.. I see something.. something different. baby #5

What if.

Yes I long to hold my little baby after 9 long months, Yes I love they way they smell, Yes watching them grow makes me giddy. But is that why we have them? Maybe. But what if that #2, #5, #9th child isn’t about you at all?

What if … its for them. The other humans (littles) in your home?
So the questions HOW is lydia… here are a few snap shots of the last 8 weeks.


Lydia pulled the wipe pkg out and stood on it could she could not see ‘aaa’


asking to hold him for the first time.

























































Our family is a reflection of love that grows.. grows within my heart as a mother but in the hearts of our other children. Our boys often say.. “when God blesses us with another baby..” Having each one is directly in part to the Fact God wanted the current kent kids to have another sibling. As I see Lydia (who’s first word is “aaaa’ -the simple sound of Aa) and her delight and excitment each morning when she runs room to room hollering “aaaaa” in search of her friend. Her brother. No where in her is jealously or hurt feelings.

Then I see today where Judah and Levi both took special time with her because they wanted to… loving on her showing her she is special.

IMG_20150325_173922 IMG_20150327_111112804_HDROne doing spelling while holding and gently talking to her, the other sharing a snack together.

What if she was born for them..

IMG_20150306_093324910_HDRWhat if my large family has nothing to do with me or superman but all to do with THEM…

them needing each other

them wanting each other

God loving them enough.

What if its NOTHING about us.. but all about God’s plan?

What if?!?!




mary poppins, cfa, my girl

About a month ago I was told by a sweet friend her daughters were having their ballet recital at the end of May.. and the theme was Mary Poppins. I knew at that moment my Selah and I were going on a date! Her first, my first with her! Superman and I like to date our children. We let them choice the event, food and its just us two (expect if there is a nursing wee one) for the entire evening.

Every day since May 2 the moment I walked in her room in the morning, she would say.. “ballet day”. She as sooo excited! She picked our her ‘twirl’ which consist of a very large purple tutu and a big purple flower. This morning at our playdate she proudly stated today was our date and she was going to see the ballet and the girls twirl with Mary Poppins.

5:15 came and we were ready to go….On our first date!

dressed and ready to go!

dressed and ready to go!

Off to Chick Fila, her favorite and pick for our special night. She was able to order and get anything she wanted….

Kids meal, nuggets, fruit, and Lemonade (huge special treat!!).

IMG_20140529_173512_399Poor girl couldn’t even eat her meal she was so excited, blueberries and strawberries were eaten… all else came home. After a quick clean up we loaded up in the van and headed out to the MAIN event.

my girl and her twirl

my girl and her twirl

As we were driving she talked the whole way (something that doesn’t happen when her older brothers are in the van).. one of my favorite quotes of the night.. ‘mom is that car in front of us going to the ballet?” Love her sweet mind and her excitement.. seeing her joy fills my heart!.

in true mary poppins fashion

in true mary poppins fashion

Once we arrived {there was standing room only}  We grabbed a seat and she stood on my lap THE ENTIRE TIME.. and we were able to ENJOY every minute of our sweet friends as they danced to the different favorites of Mary Poppins… Both of the sweet girls we knew did amazing and we are so proud of them.

her view!

her view!

As it came to an end.. she said {multiple times} see again see again.. uh- full heart! I asked if we could take a picture with ‘Mary Poppins’ OH MY WORD her smile was sooooo huge…..

my sweet girls hero.. not princess but mary poppins

my sweet girls hero.. not princess but mary poppins

on our way home we got a special treat.. she ate 3 bits…


As we were driving home she said “mom i love you to the stars and round it’.. Yes baby i love you too.. I do believe my ‘bucket’ is full to the brim sweet girl. Seeing your excitement and joy over a simple night out. Not only was it amazing and perfect {in every way} you are too my sweet girl! Thank you for this special memory and I pray for MANY more! love you baby girl!



The good mom….

Yesterday we ran about our day as usual, wake up, breakfast, school (x3), library, then CFA. While at the library for story time (WHICH if you are in my neck of the woods we have an amazing librarian who’s calling REALLY is children and books!!) Anywho… when story time is over she has a craft for them to do. I normally try to sit out the craft..(REMEMBER i have 4 kids 6 and under). But today was soo funny I had to share…

As I did my normal -5 million times a day- scan to count kids, I saw sweet sister pulling on another moms shirt to have her help with her craft.. – I gulity got up and walked over to relieve the mom. In which she said ‘oh she is soo sweet i dont mind’ and my own daughter saying ‘ her help me mommy!’.. WELL ok!

I’ll look for the boys..

BOTH were being read to by ANOTHER good mom..



Although I love being apart of the comunity which people love your kids for you.. i felt horrible….

MAYBE cause I was sitting …..


SEE that empty green chair… yep that is where my tush was .. just relaxing rocking the baby, chatting away!

WELL next time ill be the ‘good mom’ and read to other peoples kids…’maybe!’ 🙂



life with..

FOUR.. all FOUR under 6.5 adorable and would not/ could not imagine life without them.. but FOUR little people to shape and mold into whatever the Lord has for them… such a HUGE job! Today no expection.. well expect life got in the way:)

*wake up shower 7:00 (me)

*kids are STRAVING!!!!! 7:30

*Nurse and pump chickadee 8:00

*School (1st grade, Pre K, Pre pre pre k:) 8:30

school.. i love that they lay like this on their own!!

school.. i love that they lay like this on their own!!

*cant find diaper bag, assume in the car 10:00

*go to library for story time (LOVE our library) 10:30


*plan to go to CFA with a friend  (12:00)

*Nurse Chickadee again (12:05)

sweet girl..almost 3 months

sweet girl..almost 3 months

*arrive unload kids and pull out stroller 12:30

*TAKE everyone potty.. sister pee’s her pants WHILE going on the potty..change 12:35

*go order..forgot wallet- no $$ – used all the gift cards and good coupons :(.. THANK THE LORD for good friends  12:50

*sit eat

*decide to go home 1:55

*cant find keys..


*pick up recently filled dr. pepper to head home.. DROP SAID DR PEPPER… sign-

*go to car no pull ups.. put a size 1 on my 2 year old… (EEK)

it is now 2:05…

*head home… YEP life is more fun and adventurous with 4!!!

the four amazing blessing that call me mom!

the four amazing blessing that call me mom!

And now we rest for naptime.. dear i hold my breath:)


Buying things not on sale…:/

SOO for my birthday (back in Jan) my husband gave me $200 for myself.. and the only rule was I had to spend on myself.. Which in years past I have not been so obedient..:( (the kids always need something!!) But this year I was determine to listen and get me some new things.. I have been craving a new fashion-wardrob.. but since I am highly challenge in that area I had to seek out help! SOO I called in back up!:) First I found some friends of mine that i ADORE they way they match and piece clothes together..

Was kind of tired of looking like a teenager (or really trying) but totally looking like a wannabe teen trapped in a soccer mom’s body.. You know this picture.. (expect in teen/mommyhood!)


We picked a date (with 3.5 mom’s it took a few dates) FINALLY we settled on a Tuesday night.. OFF we went.. money SpEnT! (well first they came to examine my current closet..hahah!!)

We went to eat! DUH! Then the shopping begun.. We went to Jcpenny’s.. 3 items were approved by my Fashionista’s and taken to the register.. NOW please understand I am the the mom who goes shopping and IF I even go to my seaction (which is rare) the item I am gonna buy MUST be on sale.. WELL GUESS WHAT NONE OF THESE WERE!!!!!!!!!!

I about died at the checkout when my total for 3, THREE, items were $70.00 SERIOUSLY! I was cold sweating… it was bad.. BUT I did it and moved on (KINDA!)

Well after a week the $$ I spent at that one store was eating me up.. so I began doing some research to find those items cheaper.. (and I wanted the same items because I had fallen in love with them!)

And would you believe this week 1 of the items were on sale, and they also were offering a printable coupon for 20% off!! OH YEAH! So I called the store asked if I drove (40 mins around trip) would they honor it.. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arrived at store (3 kids in tow) and guess what they did it! I was able to return all my items AND then use the coupon to bring my new total down to $50.00!!!!!!!!! (that is a $20 savings!) CAN WE SAY THRILLED! I am now comfortable with my purchase AND the price of JcPennys!! (AND their amazing customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


**update I was able to get -so far- 1 pair of pants, 6 panties, 1 pair of sandals, 2 dresses, 1 shawl thing, 1 scarf, 3 shirts, and 1 undershirt for $160.00!!!

Have you ever had this happen to you??


the BIG 3-0

~This past weekend it was my 30th birthday.. A few months back i had envisioned a nice quiet cruise with my Husband.. that didnt work out due to sitters.. then i thought OOH a nice overnight trip (one night mind you) and a trip to the Baltimore would be AMAZING!  Procrastination on Superman and my part.. SOO i thought MMM 30 is big.. lets just go out the two of us for a nice dinner and a date ..(my friend had offered to watch the kids for us for free..SCORE!)

SOO i was all excited about this quiet evening.. i mean i was turning 30 right?!?!

WELL as it would happen .. all 3 of my kids got sick and friday night Superman came down with something… that left healthy, birthday momma to take care of all involved…

I was kind of bummed at first.. then i realized.. WHY?!?! I have SOO much to be thankful for.. i am now 30 with a home, no debt, 3 amazing children, a God given Husband-whom i adore-, my dream job -full time mom- and the list really could go on.. As I thought about it I thought i have everything i want and or need right here (NOW dont get me wrong a nice date or cruise would have still be wonderful..) this was my life and i am completely satisfied with it!

Guess this is just FOOD for thought!:)

Since i didn’t take a picture on my birthday i did take one of the littlest member in our home who has stolen my heart….And makes all i do (or dont) worth it!

Sweet Baby on my 30th birthday

Sweet Baby on my 30th birthday