March First Day

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I found out about “first days’ a while back from Nicole over at journey to josie… Its a simple challenge and one i know i would love as soon as i read/heard about it! All you have to do is on the first day of each month you PHOTO document your day from start to finish.. I LOVE this idea for many reasons..

  • makes  you see the importance in the little things
  • helps you remember what your ‘everyday’ was like
  • simple easy scrapbook -if you so choose!
  • a peak for others to see a normal-ish day
  • guilt free (im taking pictures each month:)

and so many more!!

SOO here is the first time ive done it, Here goes our March First day

wake up call...

wake up call…

rise and shine.. these two are always organizing.:0
rise and shine.. these two are always organizing.:0

Tumbling with Brother
Tumbling with Brother

CFA with 5 kids.. by myself;)

CFA with 5 kids.. by myself;)

walked over to publix for chicken (didnt want to strap all the kids for a 1/2 sec ride.. SO cookies were given as bribery:)

walked over to publix for chicken (didnt want to strap all the kids for a 1/2 sec ride.. SO cookies were given as bribery:)

naptime for the little ones, mini school with the oldest.. (LOVE those little hands!)

naptime for the little ones, mini school with the oldest.. (LOVE those little hands!)


mommy has quiet time to

mommy has quiet time to


just waking up from naptime.. love her!

just waking up from naptime.. love her!

snack times 5.. @3:15

snack times 5.. @3:15

Bye 'friends' see you next week!

Bye ‘friends’ see you next week!



fun with the camera after the 'friends' leave and before dinner

fun with the camera after the ‘friends’ leave and before dinner

freezing (37 degrees, so a fire made by daddy!)

freezing (37 degrees, so a fire made by daddy!)

SO in general that was our first day in March.. my first time doing this and now looking at it i MISSED a lot of fun things (like running @5:45am, yummy bbq sandwiches, couch time with my superman and so much more!) So i plan to be more -camera happy- next month!

If you did a ‘first day’ add a comment with your link:)

Cant wait until next months first:)


Homeschool field trip-ART studio!

This month we went to Bubbles & Brushes art studio with our homeschool group! It was soo much fun! The kids were each greeted as soon as we walked into a bright, cheery room and each handed an apron to place over there clothes. The Owner was our instructor for the day and SHE did soo good! We had 10 children 3-9 and there was never a dull moment.. each child was able to create a piece of art per their level. They created “pop” art and as the pictures will show they each loved the colors!!!


Feb 2013

Notice there are no camera's .. just Phones!:) soo funny to me!

Notice there are no camera’s .. just Phones!:) soo funny to me!


finished "pop" art

finished “pop” art

Someplace we will keep on the calendar for next year! SOO MUCH FUN!


Dating my Son…

Each month My husband and I goal for one date night.. kid-free.. we hire our amazing sitter and hit the town..(or target, publix you know boring but HEY we are together right:) As we made this a priority in our lives we noticed our oldest getting werid and upset.. (he was 3).. we decided that just like we want alone time with each other our kids crave that also.. SOO thus began the tradition of dating our kiddo’s.

We have done it many different ways but what works for us is each parent gets every other month with any and all children  3 & over. That child gets to pick and plan the date – although sometimes we have a surprise date also. But we like to encourage them to pick something they love and want to share with us..  And to see them grow.. A few months back I took “brother” out and as we were planning it he said lets go to “El Charro” .. why i asked.. “Cause mommy its your favorite place and i want to eat with you”.. HONORED!!!!!!!! (to say the least!) So we went and he was thrilled to see me loving every bite!

Last week my husband suggested i take the first month of the year this year.. SOO Brother and I made a plan and (very important) stuck with it. Logan’s to eat then the book store for hot chocolate and reading…


*My favorite part: as we were getting into the car he walked over and opened the door..”to honor you mommy” and as soon as it was openned he hopped right in..:) his heart was soo pure i loved it!

SOO much fun! I loved being able to focus on just him.. and let him know how much he means to me.. it makes me appreciate him THAT much more!

Quiet Time

YEP this describes my life….

“You’re picking up toys on the living room floor for the…15th time today
Matching up socks and sweeping up lost Cheerios that got away
You put a baby on your hip, color on your lips and head out the door
While I may not know you I bet I know you wonder sometimes
Does it matter at all
Let me remind you it all matters just as long as you

Do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you
Cause He made you
To do every little thing that you do to bring a smile to His face
And tell the story of grace with every move that you make
In every little thing you do” -lyrics and song by Steven Curtis Chapman “Do Everything”

Because being a mom is soo hard.. NOW dont get me wrong.. it amazing and one of the most blessed jobs EVER! BUT It does have its hard days where your oldest fights you on every word you say, your toddler hits your friends child and then your baby screams for no reason… Oh and then there is dinner to make, floors to clean, and all while staying calm… BUT I have to remember when my baby snuggles my shoulder in the morning for extra love, or my toddler brings me every flower from here to the mailbox..everyday.. and when my oldest will randomly sign “i love you” to me.. those are the moments… BUT all that being said, i can not do it alone.. Yes i am married to an amazing man “superman” but i need more..

Thus brings me to my nap time – quiet time. This is when me and God spent time together.. now don’t get me wrong, i am working on this to make it a MUST everyday.. things come up, i forget, kids dont sleep.. BUT i am making it a priority now.. WHY?? Cause i need it!

This is what my quiet time looks like…

Quiet time @ Naptime

My bible, NIV study Bible (love it, have had it since i was 18… lots of things i have written over the years!)

My Blue Letter Bible reading program

Prayers for My husband and Kids

& my newest addition.. their handprints.. found this idea over here—part-1.php

I traced each child’s hand and then prayed and chose a verse i wanted to pray this year over them… wrote it on it. Now i have to laminate it… 🙂

I feel soo strengthened by spending time with God.. its amazing how i know when i dont ..eek (and more than likely those around me know also)

God’s grace is enough.. for those hard times and those happy times.. i encourage you to find a time to sit and talk with God… it can be at anytime, anywhere.. when i was in college it was in my car in the parking lot between classes.. i LOVED the weather, and no distractions! See, just pick a time, place and then stick to it! Lets do this challenge together!

Let me know when you do your quiet time and what it looks like for you!