Just a day…

Today was unusual… the kind of unusual I’d love to stick around..  As we woke and sent daddy off to work I realized he left his phone.. NO this can’t happen.. what if He needed it.. what if I NEEDED him to have it?!?! {Come on lets be real we know it was just as much for him as me} SO I loaded all the kids up ..mind you it is only 8:00 and headed towards his work.. all the while scanning oncoming traffic to make sure he didn’t come home looking for it.

Success.. phone delivered. Then back home.. NOW mind you Lydia {chickadee} is still not sleeping through the night and as of late has decided to wake up like EVER.SINGLE. 3 hours.. So i was slap wore out.. plus i was flying solo this weekend so i was POOPED! I needed a nap..but it was only 9:30 .. so we made lemonade out of lemons.. The kids and I played a game and then went on a walk, eat lunch and then took naps {YES ME TOO!} The boys woke early and stay in their rooms quite for TWO {2} hours!!! Playing lego’s and reading. The girls slept till 3! Made dinner and then headed to Judah’s dive camp.

Now i realize this seems dumb for an entire post but for me.. as i was getting all the littles in their pi’s and having them cozie down for the night.. I was able to capture the day in one picture….

all ready for bed!:)

all ready for bed!:)

NO one got in trouble, no one hurt another sibling, no one screamed, or argued with me… Everyone work together, played happy, enjoyed each other, smiled, laughter.. Today was a great day.. a glimpse of GRACE..

Love my children, love my life, Love my Savior!