“officially a homeschool mom”

A few days ago I had to get my oil changed.. LIKE i was WAY WAY over.. the light was one over:( So I decided “tomorrow” was the day. Since Superman could not do it for me or even stay with the kids (cause if i waited till then it MIGHT break down)… I gathered all that i would need to be at the car place for HOURS.. cause lets be real.. they don’t use clocks, and dont care about what we have planned. Snacks, blanket, daipers, change of clothes (potty training).. And school for my oldest 2. SO I loaded up the car with these and headed out for our morning adventure….


the moving school house

We arrived at dealership, and the process of oil change began… I laid out my blanket..(CAUSE the floor was GROSS!) And began passing out their activities..

prepared for the long hall...

prepared for the long hall…

sent the above pic to my hubby and his response.. “you are officially a homeschool mom”..

Not sure what i was before.. a circus conductor?  🙂

ONLY to be told .. moments later… “Mrs Kent, your car is finished!”

BUT IF I WASN’T PREPARED.. i would still be there:)




March First Day

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 3.15.56 PM

I found out about “first days’ a while back from Nicole over at journey to josie… Its a simple challenge and one i know i would love as soon as i read/heard about it! All you have to do is on the first day of each month you PHOTO document your day from start to finish.. I LOVE this idea for many reasons..

  • makes  you see the importance in the little things
  • helps you remember what your ‘everyday’ was like
  • simple easy scrapbook -if you so choose!
  • a peak for others to see a normal-ish day
  • guilt free (im taking pictures each month:)

and so many more!!

SOO here is the first time ive done it, Here goes our March First day

wake up call...

wake up call…

rise and shine.. these two are always organizing.:0
rise and shine.. these two are always organizing.:0

Tumbling with Brother
Tumbling with Brother

CFA with 5 kids.. by myself;)

CFA with 5 kids.. by myself;)

walked over to publix for chicken (didnt want to strap all the kids for a 1/2 sec ride.. SO cookies were given as bribery:)

walked over to publix for chicken (didnt want to strap all the kids for a 1/2 sec ride.. SO cookies were given as bribery:)

naptime for the little ones, mini school with the oldest.. (LOVE those little hands!)

naptime for the little ones, mini school with the oldest.. (LOVE those little hands!)


mommy has quiet time to

mommy has quiet time to


just waking up from naptime.. love her!

just waking up from naptime.. love her!

snack times 5.. @3:15

snack times 5.. @3:15

Bye 'friends' see you next week!

Bye ‘friends’ see you next week!



fun with the camera after the 'friends' leave and before dinner

fun with the camera after the ‘friends’ leave and before dinner

freezing (37 degrees, so a fire made by daddy!)

freezing (37 degrees, so a fire made by daddy!)

SO in general that was our first day in March.. my first time doing this and now looking at it i MISSED a lot of fun things (like running @5:45am, yummy bbq sandwiches, couch time with my superman and so much more!) So i plan to be more -camera happy- next month!

If you did a ‘first day’ add a comment with your link:)

Cant wait until next months first:)


Homeschool field trip-ART studio!

This month we went to Bubbles & Brushes art studio with our homeschool group! It was soo much fun! The kids were each greeted as soon as we walked into a bright, cheery room and each handed an apron to place over there clothes. The Owner was our instructor for the day and SHE did soo good! We had 10 children 3-9 and there was never a dull moment.. each child was able to create a piece of art per their level. They created “pop” art and as the pictures will show they each loved the colors!!!


Feb 2013

Notice there are no camera's .. just Phones!:) soo funny to me!

Notice there are no camera’s .. just Phones!:) soo funny to me!


finished "pop" art

finished “pop” art

Someplace we will keep on the calendar for next year! SOO MUCH FUN!


More ‘D’ learning!

With boys i feel we have to be more ‘out of the box’..(knowing this statement WILL change once i begin formal learning with ‘baby’ but for now .. it stands!:)

I was trying to think of an idea/activity for them to do during that ‘witching hour’ (you know between 4:00 and 5:30) SOO i put a bowl of apples in the middle of the table (for snacking) and two shoe boxes.. one filled with oatmeal and “dino bones’ and one filled with kidney beans and ‘dino bones’.

We were gonna Dig for Dino bones! Each child got a paint brush to brush away the sand (oatmeal) or rocks (kidney beans) and an extra plate to drop their finds (scooby doo graham crackers) on… it looked like this!

798141_10151394225829626_1412592037_o Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 1.26.30 PM

The boys surprised me with over 1 hour and 45 mins of playing.. AND my house was NOT destroyed with ‘sand’ and ‘rocks’.. They even asked to play again the next day! SOO worth the $3.00 bones!! I thought this fit in Perfect with the letter were were studying for “Taco’s” LOW program!!

Do you have any cool activities you set up for your kids doing those ‘ever so fun hours’??


what Homeschool looks like for us.. MOST of the time!:)

Since we homeschool (and right now 4 days a week i have 5 kids 5 and under..) I am asked.. ARE YOU crazy!.. well yes i am but that doesnt have a thing to do with homeschooling.. hahah! Anyways today i (tired to remember) took pictures of the different aspects of our day.. here is a glimpes.. (i did forget bible, music and reading..) OOPS!

Calendar time

Calendar time

Our school room is in our kitchen nook area.. so the floor is cool.. i have these cute rugs that is assigned to each child.. (IKEA). They each have a folder and (what you dont see is the calendar on the wall- they are all looking at) it goes through their name, address, colors, days, months, year, state of the day, Letter of the day, shapes, and Sign of the day.

Then we go to the floor and have Bible & music time (forgot to take pictures)

Then on to math.. since they are all different levels they are all given different tasks..



"taco" working on sizes

“taco” working on sizes

"Friend" working on handwriting -letters

“Friend” working on handwriting -letters

Then we switch gears and do an activity….

Counting by 5's and putting #'s 1-10 in order (by age level)

Counting by 5’s and putting #’s 1-10 in order (by age level)

DSC03089 DSC03084

These two adorable kiddo’s are working independently!

OOH we cant forget about baby during this time.. she is either finishing up breakfast or playing in her packnplay.. we just started her this week working on tot stuff!

monkeys in a barrel

monkeys in a barrel

We do phonics also…

DSC03093 DSC03094

Then in the living room and the couch! We are reading through the little house on the Prairie  series ..

Today they built their house in the story.. SOO did we!


At any given day this is what my view could be..

my view

my view- NOT today…last week

There is so much to talk about when it comes to school.. most of the time its a trial and error.. but we have fun and for most days we lOVE it!:)

if you have any questions please ask!:)

First Field Trip of the New Year

Our homeschool Group took its first field trip of 2013, and man it was awesome!

There is a locally owned Donut Shop in our town and we contacted them about a tour/learning time. They said YES and went WAY above and beyond. We had 21 kids 9 & under.. so after splitting them into 2 groups (thus having to explain two times), we were off!

Lots of neat facts.. the Donut Man arrives at 1:20am to begin this delicious snack.. the oil is so hot when the dough drops it stays in one piece.. and there is no real reason there is a hole!!

Then we all sat down and they gave each child a bag with 4 mini donuts.. -still warm-uh!:)

A huge Shout out to Speedway Donuts for all you did!


Cant wait for the next trip!!!