Family Fall Festival

For October 31st this year we wanted to do something fun and exciting.. not for any reason, just because:) We know the world would be trick or treating and we (not for any crazy reason) don’t do that, but wanted to have a fun memory…. SOO we thought what would our kids love.. we could

  • pack them up and drive to a trunk or treat
  • go to some city square and walk business to business
  • sit at home as a normal night

Since all those (well the first two are out- and the last one LAME)  were out of the question I came up with a family night.. but not the normal dinner and a movie.. instead something more exciting!! THUS the Kent Family Fall Festival was created!!


First we had a fun dinner (our family favorite) homemade subs, chips (RARE treat), and pumpkin fluff. Then with a quick clean up Superman pulled our kiddy pool out (to help with the possible mess with 3 kids under 6) and a small tote filled with luke warm water… Then each child picked an apple and dropped it in… The little two had never played so it was fun watching them … Superman went first and was a bit nervous (DONT ASK WHY!?!? 🙂 then each one attempted IT WAS A BLAST! laughing and enjoying each child as they figured out their way of doing it.. Brother was the only one of the kids who got it with out ‘assistance’ haha! Baby and Taco used their hands!:) Next up pumpkin bowling…..


Next up we had planned a pumpkin bowling activity.. a little more low key (which was great due to bedtime approaching). We stacked our ‘pins’ and prepared our mini pumpkin and each had a turn (or 2 or 3!!) at rolling the pumpkin! It was a fun!! Towards the end the stack changed shapes which was fun (tall tower, 2 mini towers ect) .. but the goal was family fun and i think without a doubt this was a HIT!

I am thinking it might possibly be a new annual even for us Kent’s!!

Did you do anything ‘different’ for Oct 31st??