The good mom….

Yesterday we ran about our day as usual, wake up, breakfast, school (x3), library, then CFA. While at the library for story time (WHICH if you are in my neck of the woods we have an amazing librarian who’s calling REALLY is children and books!!) Anywho… when story time is over she has a craft for them to do. I normally try to sit out the craft..(REMEMBER i have 4 kids 6 and under). But today was soo funny I had to share…

As I did my normal -5 million times a day- scan to count kids, I saw sweet sister pulling on another moms shirt to have her help with her craft.. – I gulity got up and walked over to relieve the mom. In which she said ‘oh she is soo sweet i dont mind’ and my own daughter saying ‘ her help me mommy!’.. WELL ok!

I’ll look for the boys..

BOTH were being read to by ANOTHER good mom..



Although I love being apart of the comunity which people love your kids for you.. i felt horrible….

MAYBE cause I was sitting …..


SEE that empty green chair… yep that is where my tush was .. just relaxing rocking the baby, chatting away!

WELL next time ill be the ‘good mom’ and read to other peoples kids…’maybe!’ 🙂