What if….

Lately I have been asked a bunch..”hows Lydia adjusting to Asher?’ the simple answer is ‘she is doing fine.’ Our family is large..(according to todays standards.) We had 5 children in 7 years, one right after another. Why do we have so many children? Is it healthy for us? Do we make enough money? You will regret it… the comments could go on and on. But as of this past week, as I look around my little brood of humans.. I see something.. something different. baby #5

What if.

Yes I long to hold my little baby after 9 long months, Yes I love they way they smell, Yes watching them grow makes me giddy. But is that why we have them? Maybe. But what if that #2, #5, #9th child isn’t about you at all?

What if … its for them. The other humans (littles) in your home?
So the questions HOW is lydia… here are a few snap shots of the last 8 weeks.


Lydia pulled the wipe pkg out and stood on it could she could not see ‘aaa’


asking to hold him for the first time.

























































Our family is a reflection of love that grows.. grows within my heart as a mother but in the hearts of our other children. Our boys often say.. “when God blesses us with another baby..” Having each one is directly in part to the Fact God wanted the current kent kids to have another sibling. As I see Lydia (who’s first word is “aaaa’ -the simple sound of Aa) and her delight and excitment each morning when she runs room to room hollering “aaaaa” in search of her friend. Her brother. No where in her is jealously or hurt feelings.

Then I see today where Judah and Levi both took special time with her because they wanted to… loving on her showing her she is special.

IMG_20150325_173922 IMG_20150327_111112804_HDROne doing spelling while holding and gently talking to her, the other sharing a snack together.

What if she was born for them..

IMG_20150306_093324910_HDRWhat if my large family has nothing to do with me or superman but all to do with THEM…

them needing each other

them wanting each other

God loving them enough.

What if its NOTHING about us.. but all about God’s plan?

What if?!?!




Our soccer hero!

Our little Taco (Judah) turned 4 this year and when they are four we have allowed them to play a sport. Levi did when he was 4 and had so much fun! Judah has been looking forward to it for years.. Well this year was his year! We signed him up got his uniform and made the weekly trek to the field every tuesday night for practice and every Saturday for games.. Today was his last game, in which he made a goal (always good to end on a good note) and had his team party.

Here is a recap in pictures and captions of our sweet soccer boy!

making our weekly family trip for practice!

making our weekly family trip for practice!

He had no idea what he was doing so the first few games we did a lot of ball chasing!! BUT at least he looked cute doing it!

IMG_20140906_104539_381 ResizedImage_1410019266627

About two games ago Judah suddenly realized that if he ran towards the goal when the other team had the ball he could block it. (yes it might have been 10 games in BUT hey he did it on his own:) AND he actually blocked quite a few! Proud moment for both judah and us!

working on his new skill- goalie!

working on his new skill- goalie!

As I mentioned today was the last game. His team was named team sharp..(that was the coaches last name) These boys played wither is was HOT (in which it was) or FREEZING (which many times it was) and WINDY!! These boys never complained and just played their little hearts out!


such a cute group of boys! all 4 & 5 year olds!

After the game (and Judahs goal!!) they received trophies and got cupcakes!

Our Judah ben!

Our Judah ben!

His weekly fan club!!

IMG_20141115_114944_388 Not sure if Soccer will be on his agenda next year but with a little training i think he could do a great job! Not to mention Selah will be turning 4 and will be joining the tradition .. although lucky for us she wants to do an indoor sport.. ballet!




Pumpkin bread out of pumpkins

This morning I woke in a funk.. not a normal yucky funk.. but a URG kind.. FOR NO REASON.. With Joels help I was able to get all the kids dressed, fed and out the door by 8:30 for Judah’s soccer pictures and game at 9:10. Success.. expect half way there my car overheated.. I was at a stop sign so I turned it off… AND THEN could not restart the dumb thing. I was in slight panic mode but had quickly devised a plan to get the kids arocc the street and then to wait for Joel. ONLY problem he was on his way to work. 😦 So I finally got the van started and then quickly drove home. Poor Judah was sad, I was bummed and Lydia was screaming.

I held Judah for awhile and my heart hurt as he sat FULLY dressed *in uniform, outside ‘thinking’. He had a perfect idea .. “mom if we lived on a farm we could just ride our horse there’. Yes baby we could..

I decided I needed a heart adjustment so with lemon oil diffusing in my house I began to unpack all our FALL stuff. CAUSE come-on fall makes you think happy and grateful things right?!?! Judah helped and within minutes all the kids were and we were laughing and making our one table very “Fall-ish”.



I also prayed for a gentle heart and a grateful heart for the rest of the day.. filled with fun and smiles. We finished our ‘table’ and I think we ALL did a great job! Hello, FALL!!


over my sink! Picture taken by Heather Crawford


Printable on the clip board is from here: http://www.positivelysplendid.com/2012/11/thanksgiving-mantel-decor.html#_a5y_p=979797 clipboard from the $ store

These next two pictures are by far my favorite pieces on the whole table.. *please realize i am waiting to get pictures from this year to add to the bottom of the frame:)

Last year we were pregnant with Lydia and my small group did this for us at our shower!

Last year we were pregnant with Lydia and my small group did this for us at our shower!

Last year we hosted Thanksgiving and the boys made this for our table.. I love the way they wrote and cut it out!! SOO glad i saved it!

Last year we hosted Thanksgiving and the boys made this for our table.. I love the way they wrote and cut it out!! Perfect 3 & 6 year old handiwork! SOO glad i saved it!

So far our day has turned out better. Sometimes you just need to make lemonade out of lemons or pumpkin bread out of pumpkins!!  So thankful for season changes here!!!


“..and I will give him back to you”

1st Samuel 1:11 talks about Hannah and the vow she made to God about giving her son back to the Lord. We take this as an example and do something similar today with our children. With each child we have created a celebration of sorts.. where all the family comes and we formally give them back. Supermans dad is a pastor and has performed all of our dedications.

This year it was Sweet Chickadee’s turned. I pulled out the dress months ago.. this dress is not just a DRESS .. we picked up at some store.. not this dress, it is some 59 years old. My grandma’s wedding dress! I was given it and had it remade into a dedication dress. I designed it (to show case my favorite parts of the dress) and then found this site on etsy …………….  . My first daughter wore it, my cousin used it for her sweet girl and now Chickadee (my 2nd daughter) will wear it.

59 year old dress remade into this:)

59 year old dress remade into this:)

After the invitations were sent, the menu was created and all the RSVP’s were given.. the day came and it turned out perfect.. we decided to go a different route. We knew all our family was not going to drive up for two occasions (since they live like 7 hours away).. so we grouped to big events together. We also did it on a saturday in our yard.

90% of our family came out and those who couldn’t sent their love… such a blessing to have some many join us in ‘giving her back’. Superman’s dad “papa” preformed a simple yet perfect dedication.

Here are a few shots of the morning…


future preacher?!?!




IMG_3424 IMG_1766





my side of the family

my side of the family

Superman's side of the family

Superman’s side of the family

We are so blessed to have this time to spend with family and to give our sweet girl back to the Lord!

One more reason this weekend was amazing!!





1964 you were born..

18 years later you became a mommy.. to ME:)

Shortly after 3 more were added ..

Then the surprise 2 blessings arrived..

In 2005 your first son-n-law joined the clan..

Grandma status happened in 2007, (and again in 2010, 2011, 2014)

Mom, Over the years we have shared many wonderful memories..  Ones i will cherish forever!

I pray this day is extra special.. first mothers day we have been able to spend it together in 9 years!

Love you mom!!

my mom in 1971  6.5 years old

my mom in 1971
6.5 years old

me and her in 1984

me and her in 1984

Mom & I at my 1st daughters baby shower

Mom & I at my 1st daughters baby shower


Happy Mothers day mom!


Brother’s Christmas Wish!

Brother meeting Lego Man

Brother meeting Lego Man

Once upon a time, in a land far away,
Lived a young strapping lad, who really loved to play.
He liked his fast cars and his costumes that changed
him into anything that he could imagine that day.
One day he received a box full of bricks
that could stack and lock and sealed with a click,
He started by making all things that could go,
But soon he made castles with these bricks from LEGO.
Now, LEGOs are not easy, they are no small task
Just ask his dear mother, who dreads him to ask,
But this young Lad could build, with the greatest of ease
even while sick or with a case of the sneeze.
He dreamed of a land so distant and remote
that was filled with these bricks, just the thought made him float,
One day his wish granted, he received LEGO land Tickets
he was so overjoyed that he’d go there for Christmas.
The day had arrived that he dreamed of so clear
through the gate he went in, while his family stood near
Riding rides, Shooting lasers, Building towers so many
He built race cars and won all the races he raced in.
He saved a princess & dragon eggs, and watched 4D movies,
while wearing cool shades that made him look groovy.
He could not believe that the day was all over,
he played LEGOs all day and could play them some more,
But home he went with a smile on his face
having felt so lucky to have visited this place
Now on lives the legend of this famed LEGO kid,
who played LEGOs for hours and did what he did
all those who know him, know he’s a smart guy
with such talent and skill, they call him LEVI.
Love Dad
The amazing day captured in pictures!

The amazing day captured in pictures!

North Pole Breakfast

Around here we don’t do Santa.. (SUE ME 😦 ) But we do have an annual North Pole Breakfast.. which simply means, we do all things Santa, snowmen, reindeer, ect… My kids look forward to it every year (as do I 🙂 This allow’s our Christmas Day to be filled with thoughts of Jesus’s Birthday. So TODAY (christmas eve) was our breakfast. I was up last night making the table and getting the kitchen ready for the morning so we would not delay and begin making breakfast right away.

A place setting for Levi

A place setting for Levi

With red & green pancakes made my superman, sausage, oranges, pineapple, reindeer mix, peppermint marshmallow’s, hot chocolate and OJ, it was a yummy start of Christmas Eve!

DSC06157Every year they get a little something from the ‘north’ one year it was sock’s, or mitten’s and this year we did their special ornaments.. because by chance their special ornaments was also their experience.. (we only do 2 gifts for each child and then they also get 1 day -experience with us-) This makes it more fun! And lets them know they are each special…  It started back in Nov with Superman.. who got this from me..

Superman's special day..

Superman’s special day..

Brother is going to Lego land.. HE Live, breaths lego's!

Brother is going to Lego land.. HE Live, and breaths lego’s!

Taco is getting the opportunity to ride on a horse.. or as he calls it "rodeo show'

Taco is getting the opportunity to ride on a horse.. or as he calls it “rodeo show’

Sister is only 2 so we are doing simple.. she loves smoothies so off to the smoothie place (she got an owl ornament with 'big sister on it')

Sister is only 2 so we are doing simple.. she loves smoothies so off to the smoothie place (she got an owl ornament with ‘big sister on it’)

And sweet Chickie did this the entire time!

And sweet Chickie did this the entire time!

 A few more pictures of us just having fun at our breakfast!!!

DSC06149 DSC06152


Love this time of year.. and getting to make so many memories! Now for naps and then off to Church for Christmas Eve services!! YEAH!

Merry Christmas!


Family Fall Festival

For October 31st this year we wanted to do something fun and exciting.. not for any reason, just because:) We know the world would be trick or treating and we (not for any crazy reason) don’t do that, but wanted to have a fun memory…. SOO we thought what would our kids love.. we could

  • pack them up and drive to a trunk or treat
  • go to some city square and walk business to business
  • sit at home as a normal night

Since all those (well the first two are out- and the last one LAME)  were out of the question I came up with a family night.. but not the normal dinner and a movie.. instead something more exciting!! THUS the Kent Family Fall Festival was created!!


First we had a fun dinner (our family favorite) homemade subs, chips (RARE treat), and pumpkin fluff. Then with a quick clean up Superman pulled our kiddy pool out (to help with the possible mess with 3 kids under 6) and a small tote filled with luke warm water… Then each child picked an apple and dropped it in… The little two had never played so it was fun watching them … Superman went first and was a bit nervous (DONT ASK WHY!?!? 🙂 then each one attempted IT WAS A BLAST! laughing and enjoying each child as they figured out their way of doing it.. Brother was the only one of the kids who got it with out ‘assistance’ haha! Baby and Taco used their hands!:) Next up pumpkin bowling…..


Next up we had planned a pumpkin bowling activity.. a little more low key (which was great due to bedtime approaching). We stacked our ‘pins’ and prepared our mini pumpkin and each had a turn (or 2 or 3!!) at rolling the pumpkin! It was a fun!! Towards the end the stack changed shapes which was fun (tall tower, 2 mini towers ect) .. but the goal was family fun and i think without a doubt this was a HIT!

I am thinking it might possibly be a new annual even for us Kent’s!!

Did you do anything ‘different’ for Oct 31st??


NOPE .. we are still alive!:)

Hey again Friends!!!!

SOO SORRY it has been 5 + weeks since I have written or even touched this blog.. no excuse ..really (sad face:( BUT its all for good reason I promise!

We are THRILLED to announce


SOO its been busy and crazy here! We {created &) mailed this cute little announcement out the 2nd week in May to our family and friends.. (photo was taken by a dear SWEET friend!)

And unlike our other 3 blessings… I have been getting sick -although it hits about 4:30 everyday -POOR timing.. dinner time-:( If Superman calls and I haven’t started dinner he so willingly offers to pick up dinner (YES I AM SPOILED) .. Its hard to have a great day and almost to the minute {of 4:30} I get weak and nausea… Sprite and I are dear friends!

Well thats the main reason for the lack of posts..-naps are happening at naptime and early to bed at night-

But we are due Dec 21.. So we will have a Christmas Baby!!

SOO excited!
What have you all be doing these past few weeks?!?!

~Jessica & Baby -wink wink-