what Homeschool looks like for us.. MOST of the time!:)

Since we homeschool (and right now 4 days a week i have 5 kids 5 and under..) I am asked.. ARE YOU crazy!.. well yes i am but that doesnt have a thing to do with homeschooling.. hahah! Anyways today i (tired to remember) took pictures of the different aspects of our day.. here is a glimpes.. (i did forget bible, music and reading..) OOPS!

Calendar time

Calendar time

Our school room is in our kitchen nook area.. so the floor is cool.. i have these cute rugs that is assigned to each child.. (IKEA). They each have a folder and (what you dont see is the calendar on the wall- they are all looking at) it goes through their name, address, colors, days, months, year, state of the day, Letter of the day, shapes, and Sign of the day.

Then we go to the floor and have Bible & music time (forgot to take pictures)

Then on to math.. since they are all different levels they are all given different tasks..



"taco" working on sizes

“taco” working on sizes

"Friend" working on handwriting -letters

“Friend” working on handwriting -letters

Then we switch gears and do an activity….

Counting by 5's and putting #'s 1-10 in order (by age level)

Counting by 5’s and putting #’s 1-10 in order (by age level)

DSC03089 DSC03084

These two adorable kiddo’s are working independently!

OOH we cant forget about baby during this time.. she is either finishing up breakfast or playing in her packnplay.. we just started her this week working on tot stuff!

monkeys in a barrel

monkeys in a barrel

We do phonics also…

DSC03093 DSC03094

Then in the living room and the couch! We are reading through the little house on the Prairie  series ..

Today they built their house in the story.. SOO did we!


At any given day this is what my view could be..

my view

my view- NOT today…last week

There is so much to talk about when it comes to school.. most of the time its a trial and error.. but we have fun and for most days we lOVE it!:)

if you have any questions please ask!:)