I am post baby #4 .. 3.5 months.. I am squeezing into some pre-baby things and have packed up all my Maternity and loaned it out. I am in-between the two and at times it is really frustrating..


Id like it to go a bit faster:) Anywho I have a sweet friend who is a fashionesta and really loves to piece clothes together.. I nicely asked her if she could rummage through my closet and make something out of a hodge bodge¬†assortment… AND SHE DID!!!!!!!!!!

SOO she came over and we pulled ALL my clothes out…

the fun begins!

the fun begins!

Then she puts things together like NO ONES business.. she made my old clothes look alive and exciting again!! She used one scarf XX different ways.. amazed!



march 2014

Then she played with my other scarfs and things.. I am now excited to wear MY clothes without going and spending $$$

march 20141I am so glad to have Rachel come and help me out! She did a fabulous job and i feel MORE confident and put together.. you know kinda pinterest-y:)

HOpe you are able to pull a few ideas and use for yourself! AND if you live in my neck of the woods.. she would LOVE to come to you house and gear you in the right direction!!


(Rachel has a website coming- she is also willing to go shopping with you to help you pick out the right clothes for your body type!)


Buying things not on sale…:/

SOO for my birthday (back in Jan) my husband gave me $200 for myself.. and the only rule was I had to spend on myself.. Which in years past I have not been so obedient..:( (the kids always need something!!) But this year I was determine to listen and get me some new things.. I have been craving a new fashion-wardrob.. but since I am highly challenge in that area I had to seek out help! SOO I called in back up!:) First I found some friends of mine that i ADORE they way they match and piece clothes together..

Was kind of tired of looking like a teenager (or really trying) but totally looking like a wannabe teen trapped in a soccer mom’s body.. You know this picture.. (expect in teen/mommyhood!)


We picked a date (with 3.5 mom’s it took a few dates) FINALLY we settled on a Tuesday night.. OFF we went.. money SpEnT! (well first they came to examine my current closet..hahah!!)

We went to eat! DUH! Then the shopping begun.. We went to Jcpenny’s.. 3 items were approved by my Fashionista’s and taken to the register.. NOW please understand I am the the mom who goes shopping and IF I even go to my seaction (which is rare) the item I am gonna buy MUST be on sale.. WELL GUESS WHAT NONE OF THESE WERE!!!!!!!!!!

I about died at the checkout when my total for 3, THREE, items were $70.00 SERIOUSLY! I was cold sweating… it was bad.. BUT I did it and moved on (KINDA!)

Well after a week the $$ I spent at that one store was eating me up.. so I began doing some research to find those items cheaper.. (and I wanted the same items because I had fallen in love with them!)

And would you believe this week 1 of the items were on sale, and they also were offering a printable coupon for 20% off!! OH YEAH! So I called the store asked if I drove (40 mins around trip) would they honor it.. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arrived at store (3 kids in tow) and guess what they did it! I was able to return all my items AND then use the coupon to bring my new total down to $50.00!!!!!!!!! (that is a $20 savings!) CAN WE SAY THRILLED! I am now comfortable with my purchase AND the price of JcPennys!! (AND their amazing customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


**update I was able to get -so far- 1 pair of pants, 6 panties, 1 pair of sandals, 2 dresses, 1 shawl thing, 1 scarf, 3 shirts, and 1 undershirt for $160.00!!!

Have you ever had this happen to you??