dresser flip! for $50

I needed a desk.

Our budget was zero.

We needed more space in the dinning room.

SO I hopped over to pinterest.. found a dresser TURNED buffet and was sold..

Then off to craigslist.. I found this gem for $50.00

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 8.24.39 AM

I asked if they would take $35.oo … SO glad i asked! This solid wood baby became mine…

after it sat in our garage for 2 WEEKS.. I decided YESTERDAY was the day…


After i lightly sanded it.. and picked out the PERFECT shade of grey… (1 quart with PLENTY leftover) I began the task. My sweet kids really wanted to paint also but..eek that kinda scared me.. so we came up with a fun driveway mixture.. water, mashed up sidewalk chalk. PERFECT!!


(they played like this for almost 3 hours!!!!!!! WIN for mommy!)

After two coats of paint.. and home made knobs/pulleys (THAKN YOU PINTEREST!) I ended up with this BEAUTIFUL buffet …..

31Little bit of decor… need a new lamp, shade and to paint the frame AND add a picture.. but total cost for that was $1.00 (had everything else stored for a rainy day)


How cute is this printable???? you can go HERE to get it… clip board $1 store!!

Well i am INLOVE with my new dinning room area.. the drawers will house all my etsy shop stuff, bills and any office stuff… AND it looks SOO pretty! And all for only $50.00