DIY… this and that

For Christmas this past year i wanted to make a bunch of the gifts we gave.. although i wanted to do more i was able to do 5 or so really neat ones.. Thanks to good ol’ pinterest!

The first one i made was a scarf for my Sis n law…



I used Fabric Juice i ordered off Amazon..(the tips were med..but i think i could have gone with wide) I wrote the verse

“she is clothed in strength  and dignity, she can laugh without fear of the future. Proverbs31:35”  I got the scarf at 5 & below… it was time consuming but i loved the end results!

The next thing i made was this:



cake taker for Supermans Grandma… she makes the most AMAZING cakes (11 layer to be exact) and she needed a personalized carrier right??:)

(i sell the decals over on my site ) I loved the way it turned out..

I am watching two little girls 4 days a week so for their parents I made this:



Each girl’s little foot .. i LOVED it.. Made one for me..yeah not as cute… (plate walmart $4.00, paint i had on hand.. Vinyl i sell in my shop.. custom order)

And lastly it was my in-laws 35 anniversary this year so as thier tag on their present i made this ornament..

DSC02547 DSC02548


There is just something about a homemade christmas!!

(i did make a fort kit for my niece but i forgot to take a picture..:(

Did you make any fun christmas gifts??