“officially a homeschool mom”

A few days ago I had to get my oil changed.. LIKE i was WAY WAY over.. the light was one over:( So I decided “tomorrow” was the day. Since Superman could not do it for me or even stay with the kids (cause if i waited till then it MIGHT break down)… I gathered all that i would need to be at the car place for HOURS.. cause lets be real.. they don’t use clocks, and dont care about what we have planned. Snacks, blanket, daipers, change of clothes (potty training).. And school for my oldest 2. SO I loaded up the car with these and headed out for our morning adventure….


the moving school house

We arrived at dealership, and the process of oil change began… I laid out my blanket..(CAUSE the floor was GROSS!) And began passing out their activities..

prepared for the long hall...

prepared for the long hall…

sent the above pic to my hubby and his response.. “you are officially a homeschool mom”..

Not sure what i was before.. a circus conductor?  🙂

ONLY to be told .. moments later… “Mrs Kent, your car is finished!”

BUT IF I WASN’T PREPARED.. i would still be there:)




Packing for 3 {under 6}

At the end of May I took the brave {or insane.. stupid would work too:)} journey (yes in a van) to Florida for 12 days by myself….It was worth every minute but MAN!! It was a TRIP for sure!:) Being Pregnant with our 4th and traveling with 3 little ones -by myself- was a feat to say the least!

BUT before we even ventured out of the state (for the 8.5 hour drive) I had to pack {EVERYONE!} …

I have a system I started back when our oldest was born and just grow and adjusted it as each new child arrived!

First make sure all the clothes are washed! **IMPORTANT for sanity!

Then I lay out all the clothes for one child (we were gone 12 days but I knew I would have use of a washer and dryer so I planned 5 days per child with 2 pj’s each,  1 set of nice church clothes & Bathing suit pile) Then laid out the next child’s… it looked like this


Top was “Baby”, middle “Taco”, third was “Brother”

This made it easy for me to see what I needed or was missing… (complete outfits were laid down -shorts, shirt, leggings, ect)

Then I grabbed my running supply of 1 gallon Ziploc bags and began to fill them… I would put one WHOLE day in one Bag.. (one bag would contain an outfit for all 3 kids-) It looked like this..

ImageI do this because when you pile a bunch of clothes in a suitcase things get messy and you have no idea what goes with what or who’s is who… This way each morning I was able to (within seconds) pull out a matching outfit for each child and it had all its parts!:)

I ended up with 5 bags of daily clothes, 1 bag of nicer clothes, 1 bag of swimming things, 2 bags of pj’s.. and 1 bag for each child with their own socks and underwear… ‘baby’ had bows & socks in her bag.

ImageThis trip after i washed each load of laundry I immediately folded it up and placed the 3 outfits back into the bag -so it was ready for the next use… This kept the room nice and clean from lose socks, clothes or missing things.. everything was always in this suitcase (looking very much like the picture above) the entire stay. It also made it easy to pack up when we were ready to go..I had this and my suit case and we were ready to go within 20 mins…

I also packed 2 packs of diapers, 1 pack of pull ups & 2 packs of wipes. Each child got two pairs of shoes.. sandals & tennis shoes, and a hat each.

I LOVE this way of packing. Hope you were able to get some tips and hints! If you have any questions PLEASE ask!!:)