Treat bags at Disney!??!


While we were in full packing mode and gearing up mode, I got this crazy idea to give each kid a bag full of DISNEY goodies. Each one was specific to the child and full of activities. We also got the magic bands cause we stayed on property so we gave that to them at the same time. While most of you are thinking.. UH WHY!?! We choose to do this for many reasons…

  • We are camping and we have a bunch of ‘down’ time *AMEN!!!! so this simple bag allowed us to say ‘go get your goodie bag and do something quiet please. Because while at disney you go, go, go the kids need down time.
  • It curved the cost of ‘treats’ throughout the trip. Each child made/earned 35$ leading up to the trip. They did this by doing extra chores around the house. So yes they got to spend their $$, but we never once spent $ that wasn’t already planned .. for example food or our christmas ornament & magnet tradition.
  • They each had their own.. NO FIGHTING!:)
  • who doesn’t want a bag full of DISNEY stuff?!?!!
  • It was fun to present to each child seomthign i knew we could afford and they would love. It saved the conversation.. we don’t have $25 hundred dollars for that doll sweetie… instead they had a bunch of new stuff that was disney related and they didn’t feel the need to get anything else


After we arrived and set up camp we presented the bags to them…..

DSC07200DSC07199Each child got an activity and a shirt. The shirts were factions of the cost. Selahs was from walmart and cost only $5.00. The boys really wanted matching things so we got theirs at the disney outlet store in orlando for $10.00 each.

DSC07202 DSC07203 DSC07204

YOU would never believe these little things kept them busy SO much of the time! Levi put his puzzle together I think 10 times and Selah loved putting the frozen stickers on her note pad. Judah loved his pencil that clicked and the Mickey notepad. They would use them when they got up, while we were making breakfast, nap/quiet time, after dinner while we cleaned up. We would see them go and pull their bag and do an activity. OOH an the little disney friends were a HUGE hit by all 3 of them! ALL the items Рminus the shirts and the one matchbox car was purchased at the $ store. Even the bags!

So would i DO it again. YEP you better believe it!

Just a tip to keeping your spending cost low while at disney!!
Total for all we got for 3 bags was $38.00 Would have been cheaper if we opted out of the shirts or gotten the boys random shirts at walmart.. but they like to match!:)

Have you done goodie bags before?!?