an arrow of love:)

Well our newest bundle is pending arrival..(meaning we are still waiting for him to make an appearance!!) SO I thought I would share some do-it your self projects I worked on while waiting!

I saw this shirt.. (click on shirt for the etsy store that sells them)

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.18.12 PM


AND knew my older children HAD to have them to wear to the hospital when new brother comes… BUT then the $$ tag hit me.. $20 a shirt.. and i needed 5 (FIVE) of them.. yeah not happening!! Whats a mother to do when you *MUST* have the shirt but the budget doesn’t allow!??! DIY!!!!

I think the hardest part was finding shirts that I liked enough to buy 4 of.. Walmart came to the rescue!

Then to design the shirts..


I have a Silhoutte Cameo *which I love* and used that to design the shirts… IMG_20141117_161509_373

After I designed it and cut it I had to CAREFULLY pull the negative off *IN ONE PIECE* it took me a try or two the first go around.. Then i painted the shirt (i had a piece of cardboard in-between the front and back of the shirt to avoid bleeding. I used a foam brush to dab the paint on… it worked great!



Then I blew dried it.. really cause I was impatient! IMG_20141117_221014_013

Pulled the negative up and WHAM! This shirt!!!!


each shirt was $4.00, onesie was in a pack of 4.. paint $0.50, vinyl free, $16.00 total!!!

Ill take it!! over the the $100 I would have spent!:)

NOW to get them all in it and take a great picture!! Love my growing brew of babies!

have you done any DIY projects lately!?!




An arrow of Love

Tonight was amazing! Most of my dearest friends were able to come out and love on our sweet #5. I have been dreaming and scheming all things arrow for his little nursery nook..reveal coming;) And when I walked into the shower it was perfect!!!


The beautiful decor!

The beautiful decor!

Why arrows?? As soon as we found out we were expecting #5 God gave me the verse Psalms 127:4.. and arrows kinda stuck.. We even used it for our reveal – God know it was a boy because arrows would have been a bit crazy for a girl:) Anyways… I have read and study this verse.. and with #4 only being 3.5 months old when we got pregnant with this blessing.. this verse gave me peace and excitement!!

OK back to the party!!! One of the activities was to make arrows for our decor.. this was so fun and they turned out SO CUTE!

Making arrows

Making arrows



Aren't they beautiful!

Aren’t they beautiful!

Our little boy is so blessed with such cute things!

although this sign is perfect for our family!

although this sign is perfect for our family!

These ladies and a few others who were unable to make it.. make my village (coined by another friend) so blessed to call these ladies at anytime and walk live with them!


A special guest.. My sister!!

A special guest.. My sister!!

These two worked so hard to make my arrow shower a success! Love them so much!

These two worked so hard to make my arrow shower a success! Love them so much!

thank you to my dear friends for their love and support as we welcome our sweet #5!!

PS I am 30 weeks.. the count down has begun!!