Cliff Notes

Yesterday my oldest son and I ran into Goodwill to look for a 1800’s shirt for me.. HAHA random I know.. So I sent him to look at the books, which thrilled him since books and reading ARE his love language. I searched for my shirt, while he came back a few times asking if this book or that would be a good read. Ultimately, with a little help we walked out of there with eight new chapter books and no 1800s shirt.. hahah.

As I laid in bed after shopping, I laughed at the conversations we had while reading different books summaries.. Some were silly, some where mysteries (which he dislikes), some were biographies, and one was a Billy Graham devotional (which shockingly made it into the top 8). As I thought about each book, I realized how life is so different.

This past week marks 3 years since we moved from our beloved GA home, to my hometown in Florida. If you follow my blog much you know we lived in GA for 10 years, started our marriage there, became parents there, began careers, bought cars and our first home. Made life-time kind of friendships and pretty much loved it. Then in a blink God asked us to move. The move caused challenges in ways we didn’t expect and paths we weren’t looking for, and the deep *joy* searching, we needed.

Its funny –ok not really funny- how life is so different than a book. We get to flip the book over and in 5 sentence catch a glimpse of a life story..then we get to choose if we want to read it or put it back. Levi and I read the backs of about 10 books we DID NOT keep. Four of the books we purchased were classic favorites we didn’t need to read, because they are well known. But we were able to catch a glimpse of the authors goals and then decide to keep or put back.


Goodwill Finds






things I love


learning to be me

Life. Or at least mine doesn’t have that luxury. There is no ‘flipping over’, or even skimming through the chapters to catch what’s next. And certainly no ‘put back option’.


Instead I have to trust. Trust that my Author is masterminding the perfect, award-winning story. And I am just a character in the book. Once I realize that this story is not about me, but about my Author then I can rest in that truth.

Minutes turn into hours which turn into days.. they float by like words turn pages turn chapters turn novels. Allowing God to direct my steps and actions, takes the guesswork out of the ‘whats next’. I am not writing my story. I am living it, yes but IF I am on my knees asking and seeking.. He will lead me.

I do not get to see the summary on the back – of my life-book. But allowing Him to FULLY use me, gives me the freedom to be used to make my book/life worthy to be pick up and read.

Allow Him to fully write your story. although it will not be roses at times it will be worth it!

Learning to trust the ultimate Author in writing my cliff notes!!


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