Front Door Goals

Every year Joel and I make goals. Along with the rest of the world!! Haha.

Each area is discuss, and through prayer and ‘talking it out’ we settle on a few family goals, personal goals, spiritual goals, couple goals, and money goals…

We’ve been doing this for years. I then highlight a few from each area and make up a cute paper to hang on our front door. Every year we have been able to mark a few off our list.

Except last year. (2018).

I left 2018 feeling defeated in so many ways. We had, experienced so many setbacks since saying a hard ‘yes’ when God called us to Florida. But we had entered 2018 with so much hope. But those 12 months were hard, and when I looked at our 2018 goals on Jan 1, 2019.. I felt like a failure. I took down our ‘family goals’ and

moved on.

I mean, buy a house (again) has been on our goal list since 2017. That meant for 3 January I have wrote that. And it still had not happened. That’s hard.

At the end of January, Joel and I even had a planning meeting for our family, which was to include goal setting. But as we all know.. sometime things don’t go as planned.

So our door was blank. No cute sign. No goals.

February rolled in and I was putting away our ‘2018’ sign and realized we were able to actually check off 3.5 of our 6 highlighted things..

Sometimes it takes more than ‘our time frame’ to accomplish things. Gods timing is not ours. For some of our goals we needed 14 months instead of 12.



rv business


Kid free (almost) get away


boys started music lessons

Renewed hope.

I began thinking about goals. While on the phone with Joel one day he said.. so back in 2015 we set some 5 year goals.. my reminder just came up and we have checked off quite a few of them..

So. Yesterday. I made our highlighted 2019 cute goal sign.


The word is truth. And this verse stands so true.

Habakkuk 2:2 Then the Lord answered me “write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.’

I challenge you. Write your goals. Even if they are small or seemingly to large .. Looking back and saying.. well that could only have been God.. is such a rewarding feeling.

still learning.



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