And she was here…..

Last weekend my Grandma came to visit.. with my uncle. She is only the 2nd person in my family that has had a chance to meet Asher.. so I was super excited to show him off! Plus spend time with this wonderful lady I get to call grandma!

Although we had tons of stuff planned we ended up hanging out most of the time she was here due to an ambulance ride and ER visit with levi. She was a great sport and helped and encouraged us!

Here is a brief photo journal of her weekend here with us…

IMG_20150425_151206037_HDR IMG_20150425_151639782_HDR IMG_20150425_152027404_HDR IMG_20150425_152955428 IMG_20150426_142921957_HDR IMG_20150426_164654358_HDR IMG_20150427_164600 IMG_20150427_163638807_HDR IMG_20150428_103217934 IMG_20150428_171743621_HDR IMG_20150428_171935533_HDR IMG_20150428_171959585_HDR IMG_20150428_172305933_HDR IMG_20150428_172658105We laughed, she froze, they played.. it was so fun! Cant wait until we get to go to her home and spend more time with her! (and mess her house up:)
love you



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