an arrow of love:)

Well our newest bundle is pending arrival..(meaning we are still waiting for him to make an appearance!!) SO I thought I would share some do-it your self projects I worked on while waiting!

I saw this shirt.. (click on shirt for the etsy store that sells them)

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.18.12 PM


AND knew my older children HAD to have them to wear to the hospital when new brother comes… BUT then the $$ tag hit me.. $20 a shirt.. and i needed 5 (FIVE) of them.. yeah not happening!! Whats a mother to do when you *MUST* have the shirt but the budget doesn’t allow!??! DIY!!!!

I think the hardest part was finding shirts that I liked enough to buy 4 of.. Walmart came to the rescue!

Then to design the shirts..


I have a Silhoutte Cameo *which I love* and used that to design the shirts… IMG_20141117_161509_373

After I designed it and cut it I had to CAREFULLY pull the negative off *IN ONE PIECE* it took me a try or two the first go around.. Then i painted the shirt (i had a piece of cardboard in-between the front and back of the shirt to avoid bleeding. I used a foam brush to dab the paint on… it worked great!



Then I blew dried it.. really cause I was impatient! IMG_20141117_221014_013

Pulled the negative up and WHAM! This shirt!!!!


each shirt was $4.00, onesie was in a pack of 4.. paint $0.50, vinyl free, $16.00 total!!!

Ill take it!! over the the $100 I would have spent!:)

NOW to get them all in it and take a great picture!! Love my growing brew of babies!

have you done any DIY projects lately!?!



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